Monday, 28 May 2012

May's Monthly tasks

It is Monday and I am on the countdown to Friday and the long weekend.
This weekend is the Queen's jubilee - 60 years since she commenced her reign. As part of the celebration the government have given us Brits an extra day off work tagged onto a normal bank holiday weekend. 4 days off work, here I come!
More on that over the weekend.

May finishes on Thursday, however our sales period finished on Friday 25th, so I am already in "June mode". Pay Day is Thursday and I am so looking forward to it.
I thought you might be interested to know what happened with the May Tasks that I set at the beginning of the month.
Here, they are
- Finish my second wrap dress. Done you can see a picture here
- Make some different type of bread. Done, I made cheese Focaccia. Here it is again.
- Bring Food shopping in at under £80 for the month. This was tough, as May was a 5 week month for me and some items that you only buy every few months went together e.g. washing powder, polish, anti bac spray etc. Final spend for May £87.27. Mmmm I think I can live with going over by less than 10%.
 - Pay off an extra £40 from credit card during the month.
Credit card 1 in my last debt post was £159.00. This month I bagged up coins - £60 and then went through every single online account I have and discovered another £15, plus small bits of random pence I came across as I checked my online banking. So I managed to pay off an extra £79 over the course of the month. I am  really pleased with this, as it is about 50% of a normal monthly payment I would make on pay day. Credit Card 1 New Total: £80.17 (the .17 is interest)
Perhaps it is time now then to set June's Tasks
- Pay off an extra £40 from Credit Card 2.
- Try making a French loaf or other rustic loaf
- Bring supermarket shop in under £80 between today and 25th June
- Sell 2 items on Ebay (The one item I put on did not sell)

And finally, do you remember The Chap and I were having an afternoon out on Saturday, followed by dinner and a movie? Well, it all went beautifully until we took a look at films to watch. Nothing caught our eye and the evening was so beautiful we just decided to go home and wait until the new Alien film comes out next weekend.
Anyhoo, I have just bought tickets lunchtime today after TC decided he would like to see it at the IMAX next weekend.
I am never booking tickets through them again! £5.50 booking fee, plus another £1.50 for P&P for two tickets to the cinema! Final cost £28.80 (posh seats). Ok it is 3D and on a huge screen. I got them as TC  has been looking forward to this film for months. It had better be AMAZING.

Frugally yours

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