Friday, 25 May 2012

Food Waste Friday. It Is All Soft.


Food Waste Friday again.

Unfortunately 2 things to report.

First of all 4 potatoes, all soft and sponge like. I cannot think of a thing to do with them. So into the bin they had to go. Damn

On Monday I went into work with a whole cucumber I had bought last weekend to have on toast for lunch this week.

Unfortunately though by Wednesday I had run out of bread. I meant to make some Sunday afternoon, but I went to see The Chap. Then I meant to make some on Wednesday, but I went for tea at my parents instead. Then last night, I was absolutely postively going to bake 2 loaves.

The Chap was ill and off work last night, so I went round to his instead to give some TLC. Result no bread to put my cucumber on, which means the cucumber went soft and yucky (technical term) as well.

So this afternoon I am blogging about 2 different fridges, both of which were holding dirty little secrets. Bum!

On a more positive note, next week I get paid and I am really excited, be prepared to see a big chunk coming off the outstanding debt I have. I managed to pay off extra over the course of May from Credit Card 1, plus this Pay Day looks to be a good one! I cannot wait for Thursday.

The sun is shinning here in Staffordshire, this weekend is the official weekend The Chap and I have chosen to celebrate 12months together. So tomorrow afternoon we are off to Tamworth for a little bit of shopping, then dinner and a movie. He is lovely, and I am lucky.

I should of course weed the communal area in my cul de sac or sand the bathroom skirting board, or sort through my clothes. But I shan't. I am going out. Thrrrrrrrppppppp! to chores.

Frugally yours


  1. Congratulations on your jolly week-end away to celebrate your first happy year together ... looks as if we all will be having excellent weather.

    Not meaning to lower the high note of this comment but those potatoes ... do you keep / store them in that plastic? That would be the reason they have expired ... spuds need to be free or in brown paper/dark place.
    Anne in Cambridge (blogless right now but since becoming self employed 6 months ago enjoying the blogs of others!)

    1. My new potatoes are now liberated from the plastic. thanks

  2. Congratulations on 12 months together! I dont blame you for doing something to celebrate, me and my boyfriend did exactly the same thing in March when we had been together a year, you can still have a reasonably frugal celebration like we did! Enjoy! x

  3. Cucumbers on toast? That's a new thing for me. Is that a British thing?

    1. No its a being tight thing! Cucumber sandwiches are VERY british though!


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