Friday, 4 May 2012

Food Waste Friday


Reducing food waste one day at a time.
Food Waste Friday. I have great news. Nothing thrown away at all since last Friday. Brilliant isn’t it?

Now before I start with the self congratulations I do have a rather pressing problem to resolve. This is it.

What the heck do I do with a bag of radishes bought over a week ago that whilst “officially” are out of date. Look perfectly edible to me.

How the heck am I supposed to eat all these radishes? I mean everyone likes the odd radish….

I desperately do not want to throw them away, but save going round offering them to neighbours I am fresh out ideas.

Why the hell did I buy it? A warning to those visiting the supermarket without a list I suppose.

I am obviously living on borrowed time, but so far am bereft of ideas what to do with a European food mountain of radishes.

Answer on a postcard…..please….and soon.

No plans or tasks set for this weekend – save getting up early and going to the bank tomorrow to use all my coins saved to pay off extra from my credit card. Boring? Maybe, but I will walk back to the flat with a little extra skip in my step.

Frugally yours


  1. Make a coleslaw with them as the base, add grated carrot and finely sliced cabbage if you have any. Toss with 1 dessertspoon/1 level tablespoon mayonnaise plus a little of mustard or chilli sauce or apple sauce etc. They'll be lovely

  2. Make a salad. Thinly slice them, add a dollop of sour cream and a pinch of salt. You can add other veggies or herbs.

  3. Hello Abigail, I'm still not receiving your emails, and if I try to subscribe again it won't let anyone else having this problem???

  4. Hello
    How about roasting them in a little olive oil, salt and garlic? Never tried it myself but have heard they become a bit more mellow and much sweeter. I may have to buy some and try this myself!


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