Thursday, 17 May 2012

Somewhere A Door Opens.

Following yesterdays blog 2 readers came up with good ideas for making a pizza using a non wheat base. So something to look into over the next day or two.

Finally after weeks of wrangling, my front door got fitted today.

This is what it used to look like

In the summer dry months, you could see daylight round the edges and in the winter wet months the only way to open it is to thrust the side of your hip into the middle of the door then slam it to make sure it was properly closed.

Now look at it,

Nothing says swanky like a plastic front door.... :o) I also got a couple of panes of glass replaced in the lounge window as the double glazing had blown. Total cost £520 incl VAT. Cost a fortune, but the cheapest by far for what I wanted. There were cheaper alternative doors, but with one pane of glass at the top. They looked like back doors to me and I wanted something a little sturdier. As, after all I do live alone.

I am pleased with it. Now just got to save for the new garage door to match.

Changing the subject entirely, I have always thought I ate quite badly. A case in point the packet of chunky chocolate cookies I bought from Aldi on Friday were gone by Monday.

Well, I was thinking today I felt a little lighter. More Victoria Beckham, less Roseanne Barr. It started me thinking that this week I have only eaten food prepared by myself and made from scratch or basic fruit / vegetables. Eggs with baked asparagus, homemade bread with ratatouille, apples and cashews for breakfast, or bowls of branflakes with semi skinned milk. It appears my brain has put my body on a diet. This often happens to me when I get to a certain size. I find I loose the taste for convenience food and just crave vegetables / fruit and wholesome food. Not to mention it heps clear up my skin.

Frugal and skinny. Now that would be a result.

Does anyone else find this, or are you all good all the time surviving on grains, seeds and pulses?

Frugally yours


  1. Wish i could say the same but no I can eat and eat! Ive started buying more fruit to help me shift some pounds but it is expensive! Love your new modern front door by the way! x

    1. Yes I keep moaning abhout difficult it must be to encourage good eating habits when convenience food is so much cheaper. Good luck!
      Love the new door. So sad isn;t it?


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