Friday, 18 May 2012

Food Waste Friday, and UFOs


It’s Friday Folks! POETS day. (P*ss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday)

But more importantly It is Food Waste Friday.

The holy grail of food waste this week….. get ready for it….. nothing to report.

Zilch, Zero, and Nada.


The Chap is away walking in Wales this weekend, so at a bit of a loose end. My friend J is coming for lunch tomorrow and apart from a food shop tonight I am going to try and have a No Spend Weekend.

I want to really concentrate on a few UFOs. For those thinking I am a bit loopy. UFOs are Unfinished Objects. I.e. sewing / repair project that got shoved to one side and forgotten about in lieu of more exciting undertakings.

So home tonight, clean W Towers. Then set up sewing machine and overlocker ready for Saturday and Sunday.

I say this weekend lets all get one thing done that has been hanging over us for weeks. Perhaps:-
-         Filing the paperwork
-         Emptying the shredder
-         Washing the pillows
-         Feeding the lawn
-         Taking dry cleaning to be done.
-         Washing the windows

We all have UFOs in our lives and I do not know about you, but just getting one or two crossed off makes me walk with a lighter step. And, often repairing / mending or filing means we save ourselves some time and / or money in the long run.

What would you like to get done if you suddenly had a free weekend?

Frugally yours


  1. I love a UFO weekend. It is so satisfying to see all those little projects getting done (hanging hooks, tidying 'that corner', sorting clothes etc etc).

    Would love an unplanned weekend. Maybe June?

  2. Oh,I love scratching UFOs off my list too!

  3. I am a some what unplanned weekend. Can't decide if I want to work in the yard on some time sensitive things or work in the house on paper work.

  4. I too have UFOs here ... but which are more needful my attention? Getting my 'summer' clothes ready? Do I see a need to press all those white linen shirts when the sky outdoors is grey & I have a wool scarf wrapped around my neck due to the chill air seeping in through my just a bit open window?
    Perhaps better to turn my attention to one of many yet to be read books that fill my double stacked floor to ceiling shelves.
    Anne in Cambridge who finds it difficult to resist the lure of words


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