Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Book Review & Other Stuff

Half way through the working week, and I feel exhausted already.

Book Club was great on Monday, I do so enjoy meeting my friends once a month and having a natter, plus 30p for a lime and soda does not break the bank.

This week we discussed “Remarkable Creatures” By Tracey Chevalier. The same woman who wrote the book “The girl with a pearl earring”, aka the Colin Firth / Scarlet Johansson film.

I loved that film, and though I had never read the book, I was looking forward to starting this novel.

It is a fictionalised account of historical figures Elizabeth Philpott and Mary Anning’s life. They were avid fossil collectors in Lyme Regis who were there at the very birth of natural history exploration in Europe / The States. But, they remain overlooked by the men of their time.

In this blogger's humble opinion the book is a bit boring with very little happening apart from a random bonk towards the end. The general consensus was the novel was okay, and an easy read. If it had not been for book club none of us would have finished it I think. 

However, we are a very low brow group and spent the first 10 mins of our time together discussing boob jobs and the plastic surgery we would have given the choice. So, perhaps best not to take our opinion seriously.

With the summer break approaching (we always have July / August off) the next two books have been chosen
-         June: “The Help” By Kathryn Stockett
-         September: “A Stolen Life, A Memoir” By Jaycee Dugard. (my choice)

I have also booked us into a restaurant for our June meeting as we like to have dinner out twice a year whilst we discuss the book.

On Monday, I had a little muse in my post. It was probably apparent I was a little down at the financial mountain I have to face – Debt, repairs to the flat etc.

If honest, I am still a little fed up about it, but after starting to plan I realised something. In one of my very first posts I talked about trying to pay off half my debt by the end of 2012. Now I am upset because I cannot pay it all off by September. Silly me, look how far I have come!

Really the only reason that I need these repairs doing so soon is there are some changes going to happen over the next few months. Those changes are exciting. I should not moan, but be happy.

Some initial investigation has given me a ballpark figure of £390 incl VAT and installation for the garage door. Up and over white steel door with 3point lock. I think this sounds reasonable, but never having bought one before I cannot be certain. What do you think? Plus they will take the old door away. Anyway, I am going to the show room on Saturday for a mooch.

Also on Saturday my friend “J” is coming over. She only has a shower at her place, so every now and again she pops over for a bath at mine. I offered to make lunch for us both forgetting she is wheat intolerant. Normally, I would have made a pizza or done posh club sandwiches. So I now have to come up with a cheap lunch using no flour. Ummmmm...... nope no ideas. I would also like to make it look good, that effort has been spent.  Any ideas?

So with The Chap away walking Wales this coming weekend, it appears I will not be lonely. I am also, looking forward to starting to sell on eBay and really getting cracking on with the sewing.

And finally, Bless You Frugal Wife for your kind comments on Monday. Aren’t thrifty bloggers just the nicest people?

Frugally yours


  1. If you can get hold of some cornmeal (finely ground polenta) not cornflour, you could make some corn bread/pizza base etc.

    1. Afternoon Frugal in Norfolk. I cannot seam to find a recipe for this. How do I make it pls?

  2. Hi Abigail, a lot of my blog posts might give you some lunch ideas - and all of mine are gluten free (therefore wheat free, too!). Either click on the label "gluten free" or "frugal lunches" for some inspiration. I have a pizza recipe on there, plus a recipe for mini quiches too I think! As well as loads of soups. Oh, and cakes! I do love cake ;o)

    Best Wishes
    Frugal Wife

  3. Afternoon frugal Wife.
    Thanks for this. I would like to have a go at the pizza. Where do i buy all purpose gluten free white mix please? Can I get it at a supermarket or do I need to go to a health food shop?
    Thanking you kindly!

  4. Try here:


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