Thursday, 3 May 2012

Ebay, PayPal, Dress and Debt

Yesterday, I wrote about how obsessed I was becoming with paying off my debt as soon as possible.

I will give you an example.

Last night getting ready for bed I suddenly remembered (don’t ask me why but I did) that I had over £10 credit sitting in an online account. I grabbed the laptop and logged in to check. Sure enough I was right. A few swift key punches and the money was transferred to my bank account.

A few more keyboard punches and it was knocked off the Credit Card.

Ok it was not a lot, but it was something! And “something” helps.

£10 is about 1% of my debt. Only another 99 £10s to find.

I will give an updated debt figure at the end of the month.

I joined PayPal last night too. I still have to wait to go through the authorisation process, and then link PayPal to Ebay. But, at least I am doing something. I am trying.

That pleases me.

Well here it is, an update on my latest sewing project. Another wrap dress.

I am writing this now wearing the original wrap dress. It is so comfortable.

I have made a few changes and cut the “cross over” at the front lower. It will not be quite as low when finished as I am intending on piping the raw edge. I prefer these dresses when worn with a vest top underneath in a contrasting colour.

Currently the sleeves are only tacked in and need to be machined. The piping needs to be completed and attached. There are some artistic details to finish on the ties and the hemming. At my rate of sewing about 3 –4 hours and it will be done. Hopefully another goal down in a couple of weeks.

Not quite a No Spend Day today. Bought a coke at lunchtime for £1. About £15 spent since Saturday.

With a long weekend approaching, I am really looking forward to 3 days off work. So far the Chap and I have nothing planned, but I would not mind a cinema trip, other than I just want to not spend. He is over in Scandinavia this week with work, back tomorrow and back over next week. Poor guy, he works hard. So I have promised to cook tomorrow night at his place. I am thinking just a pizza made from scratch with this easy crust recipe.

What are you doing this extended bank holiday weekend? And does it involve spending?

Frugally yours

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