Monday, 7 May 2012

A BIt Radish-ed Out

Remember on Friday when I mentioned that I had a bag of circa 30 radishes. God Know why I bought them. Am not even that keen on Radishes.So I had a few suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time to respond with your good ideas.

Here's what I did.

Saturday I grated about two thirds of them, and added a third of a cabbage and a carrot. A massive dollop of mayo, a plop of mustard and it was good to go.
Actually, it tasted much better the next day when everything and seeped in together.

Thanks Frugal in Norfolk -great idea!

Still a third of the radishes left to go. I contemplated The Minnow Diaries idea of roasting them, and went with that, but instead put them on top of a home made pizza.

So this was dinner. Home made radish pizza with radish coleslaw on the side.

I am a bit fed up of radishes to be honest now and have to eat the rest tomorrow.

I still have about 5 radishes left. Sod the frugal life, I am throwing them away and not buying a radish again for a long long time.

Frugally yours


  1. I think your meal turned out great!

  2. What? You tossed aside those last five radishes? I feel that I must say on behalf of all your dedicated readers that we are startled, nay even shocked! to read this ... so disillusioning ... sigh

    Anne in Cambridge now inspired to think of ways to give light! and life to dull dishes with dashes of radish red.

    1. Anne, thank you so much for visiting.
      It is true, you have shamed me, if by tomorrow the radishes are still okay to eat, I wil make something else with them and not throw them away.
      *Hangs head in shame*

  3. Lol. Laughed at your 'sod it' attitude to the radishes. You did your best. Well done on what you created with them. Did they actually taste nice on the pizza? : )

    Karen x

  4. You cannot taste them at all, drizzled the pizza before baking with olive oil. Certainly they had lost their sting. Would recommend them. Just buy a bunch, and not a bag!

  5. Wow - radish overload!
    Ham & Pineapple, Cheese & Tomato, Raddish & Corn, do you think it will become of the famous pizza flavour combo's?

    1. Well, probably not up there as a 'top' flavour. It was ok, tasted fine. Suspect Dominos will not be on the phone anytime soon though to redo their entire menu.


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