Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It Is All About the Bags today.

Sorry for the radio silence for a few days, this weekend was busy busy busy.

Mum and I had such a lovely day mooching around the shops together in Birmingham. We spent ages looking at every stall in the rag market, walked all round Sefridges. Wandered into a few shops and had a coffee together.

She bought me some material for my next project (my last birthday present) taken from this Amy Butler book I got for Christmas (also from my parents).

I am going to make the bag on the cover and should be ready to start in 2-4 weeks. I love this book there are about 12 bags to make with insutructions and the paper patterns are held in an envelope at the back - brilliant idea. I have a similar book for clothes by someone else.

This is the material. The red cherry is for the outside and the plain red for the handles and the lining. Really looking forward to getting started.

It looks orange in this photo - it is actually all cherry red
I will try and remember this evening to prepare a post on my wrap dress with photos so you can see how it is developing. Really pleased so far.

I am obsessed with my debt at the moment.

I wake up thinking about the wretched thing and I go to bed at thinking about it.

Just focussed on how to speed up reducing the amount I owe. On my May Goals page I stated I wanted to pay off an extra £40 this month on top on the £201 I knocked off last week for May.
Well, I emptied my rainy day coin jar last night and bagged everything up ready to make an additional payment on Saturday morning. (my hands were filthy and I am amazed at how much cents, drachmas, euros etc I have picked up.) It will reduce Credit Card 1. I will reveal exactly how much on the next debt repayment post at the end of May.

I have also finally joined Ebay and am going to try and get rid of some clutter to help clear space and earn money. I have never sold anything before (much more of a “buyer” than a “seller” – hence my current situation) so this could be interesting. Any hints on how to sell items would be most gratefully received.

And finally, in line with my obsession to pay off my debt, I am really trying to curb daily spending.
Some supermarket shopping on Sunday: £4.58
Drinks etc since Monday - £1.00
Total: £13.06
Not great, I think I can do better and will not spend more than £3 between now and Friday.

Quiet week this week, The Chap is away with work and evening class has been cancelled. So maybe a little baking, ironing and catching up on chores whilst in my PJs – sounds like a good “no spend necessary” plan to me.

Frugally yours
Coffee & Hot Chocolate and a sandwich on Saturday  - £7.48 (outrageous!)


  1. This bag will look so cute when it's done. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    1. yes I am excited about getting started. Do you sew?

  2. Hi good luck with your bag. I sell on ebay. I would say list on a sunday evening on a 7 day listing & then it will finish the following sunday. I think most people are chilling out sunday evenings! not all . I find I do not always start things at 99p. I tend to start it a bit more at what I would feel happier getting for the item & its condition. I did buy a mannequin & found when popping clothes on it they look better. I use mine as an ornament to!. A door is good to hang something from. Give it a whirl xx

    1. now joined paypal, so hopefully by the weekend i can start. Just going to post 1 item to being with and see how it goes.


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