Friday, 27 April 2012

Food Waste Friday

I am intrinsically tight about a lot of things. I will not pay for tomato sauces for pizza / pasta etc. I make it. Now I cannot bear to pay for bread. I bake it. I do my own ironing and wash my own car.

So throwing food away really sits badly with me.

Because I was away for 4 days over last weekend, I had to chuck some mashed potato and leeks that has been cooked on the Thursday evening before we went and lay forgotten in a quiet corner of the fridge in that most furtive of camoflage gear - a clear tupperware box.

I forgot to take a picture I am afraid, there was about 1 portion of each.

This kind of food waste is the most irritating, as I could have simply placed it in the freezer for another evening.

As I live in a flat, I cannot even compost it. Just money in the bin. :o(

The last of my birthday treats are happening in the next couple of day. Tonight The Chap and I are being taken out to dinner by my parents and tomorrow morning my mummy and I are going material shopping in Birmingham - the fancy silk store . 4 floors of material. I walk in and normally just start dribbling as I want everything.

Mum, normally treats us to a drink and Krispy Kreme and then we wander our way home.

Is there anything better than a day spent with your mum shopping? Bliss!

However, I am hoping not to spend a penny as my last present is some material she is going to buy me to make a bag.

I will blog about the wrap dress over the weekend, as it is well on its way to being finished.

Frugally yours
P.S. Has anyone noticed their emailed updates of posts have stopped arriving from me?


  1. Happy Birthday! I love fabric stores also. Everything is so beautiful.

  2. No, your email notifications are coming into my gmail as per normal.


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