Friday, 13 April 2012

Food Waste Friday.


What Friday? Again? Where has this week disappeared to?
You know what Friday means? A name and shame of the products who committed harakiri in my fridge.

2 items this week.
First of all and to my shame a whole unopened punnet of cherry tomatoes and we all know how much they cost. Actually they look okay(ish) in this photo. The reality is they smell……really bad.

For the last 24 hours I have opened the fridge and my delicate female sensibilities have been assaulted by a hideous aroma. It appears it was the swan song of these tomatoes. Rest In Peace..

And finally, what to do with the last half a glass of Lidl own brand cola (39p / bottle) which has gone flat? Answer. Stick in down the loo, swill the brush round and flush. Roberts your Mother’s Brother – it is sparkly clean.

Why does that not work on teeth?

I am going to spend the weekend tidying up The Towers, and plan tomorrow to shame myself with the "before pictures" for your viewing pleasure, and my shame.

Now once a year, I do something against the frugal grain. You see, I put a bet on. This weekend is the Grand National and the highlight of the racing season here in the UK. It is also somewhat of a controversial issue, as it is a dangerous race.

I understand people who hate it. But, it is annual event for this little lady and my family place a bet.

So today saw me at BetFred armed with £40 of various family members and work colleagues’ money to place on horses. Everyone wants to make a bet, but strangely all are unwilling to visit a betting shop. I normally gaily breeze through approach the desk and play the “ditsy female out of her depth card”

Do I feel guilty spending my hard earned cash on a bet once a year? No. I do not play the lottery. If you bought a ticket twice a week for a year it would cost - £104. So my £10 bet a year is a lot less.

Frugally yours


  1. I think everyone has their little luxuries that they spend on, even if they try and live a frugal lifestyle. For me, the whole purpose of trying to be more frugal in most areas is so I can spend and splurge in the areas of my choosing. Have fun this weekend - I hope you pick a winner!

  2. I think a bet once or twice a year goes under the entertainment category and you can easily budget for it.
    Good luck! Hope you win.


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