Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Food Waste Friday on a Tuesday, As I Am A Crazy Kinda Gal!


Ok Ok, I know it is not Friday, but after a long weekend of doing nothing staying with The Chap at his house, well it was a bit tricky to blog.

Besides which he would want to know what I am writing and finds it hil-ar-ious to think people want to know about the mouldy food I throw away. Ofcourse, he also wants to know when I am going to become an internet millionaire so he can be a kept man. Pretty sure that if I become an internet millionaire due to a frugal blog, then I will probably have to give up the blog. Ironic?

Do you want to know what I chuck? I like to do it as it keeps me aware of not throwing food away, the shame of having a pile would be awful. But, if it is boring best to know.

I went back home Monday lunchtime and took the opportunity to surgically examine the fridge for toxic elements. I was not feeling hopeful and went in peg on nose prepared to be ashamed. Fully expected to find "strange new life forms"

This was it, some cheesy leeks I defrosted during the week and then left. So irritating as cheesy leeks are my favourite vegetable.

Yay me! Did the rumba round on my way to the disposal of the leeks.

This long weekend has been lovely and we spent it quietly, though vouchers have been the running theme to the last 96 hours.

Thursday we went to Frankie and Benny for dinner with the £10 voucher I downloaded from their website. I was actually quite disappointed. Some ribs and a pint for TC and a salad with lemon and lime drink for me - total was still c £23 with the money off. Food was ok, but we both agreed that it was not worth the cash even with a discount.

Friday we popped out for a bit of shopping, we needed to buy a rotary dryer for his garden and a few other chores. We also popped into Tesco, where I got these little beauties after having saved most of the vouchers and blatantly nicked the rest from The Chap and family.

Both knives should have been £15 each, I got them both for £9.90. I also bought a couple of other pieces mainly toiletries etc and offered to buy TC his xbox game- £25 to say thanks for dinner and all the food I was eating of his.

The bill came in at £43, I paid £23 because of the knife vouchers and another Valued Opinions £10 gift card. The Chap was utterly convinced Tesco had messed up and was doing that “Ushering me to towards the door whilst mumbling under his breath thing” trying to look innocent. I had to explain receipt in hand, how I had got the bill down by 50%. He was terribly impressed!

So apart from £23 spent in Tesco, No other cash was spent and Sunday / Monday were No Spend Days – Brilliant! Together we cleaned, painted and sorted his new house. We ate every meal together, exchanged Easter Eggs and watched rubbish tv. He cooked for me and I did Sunday lunch for him.

I wonder how many couples felt the need to spend to enjoy their weekend? New cars/ kitchens / clothes etc

I even made the ultimate sacrifice –Sunday from 7pm to 12.30am I watched The Masters golf tournament. I can now talk knowledgably about Birdies, Albatrosses, Eagles and Bogeys and even saw a hole in one!

In actual fact, it could have been worse and way to go Bubba Watson.

If Carslberg did girlfriends methinks!

Frugally yours


  1. Nice! Good knife is a must in every kitchen!

  2. I have just started reading your blog from the start and am enjoying the fact that you are still shopping/going out for dinner/holidays as some other frugal blogs dont do any of these things - this seems like a much better option and is making me rethink my money. Cant remember the last time I had a 'no spend day'. Could you let me know how to make your cheesy leeks as I have lots of leeks in the frezzer but only ever add them to soups/caserols/lentil dishes. Great blog!

  3. Hello Dory, Thank you so much for visiting! I understand what you mean. I love bloggers like Frugal Queen and Mean Queen, but their lifestyles would not work for me. My debt now has gone, but I still need to watch the pennies. Plus The Chap earns considerably more than I so he wants to enjoy himself (he never has any debt)and so do I! We rarely eat out only once per month, but it is only when we are invited to a do, or I get a very good voucher.
    Cheesy Leeks, dead easy to make. Chop up your leeks and cook as you normally would - steam, boil etc. You can then put them to one side, but I tend to drain and put them back in the same pan to save on washing up. Add a knob of butter and melt, whilst mixing a table spoon of cornflour with a little milk (semi skinned or full fat is best to use)until smooth. Then add milk over the leeks on the heat and slowly add the cornflour/milk mixture. Stir the whole time and it will thicken around the leeks, then add grated cheese to melt into the mixture. Add salt and pepper and serve. It is a great way to eek out leeks and make them go further, but it is fattening. I made some over Easter and used Cheddar cheese and some left over mozerella. It was delicious. I know some people that then bake it with breadcrumbs on the top (like cauliflower cheese) but I have better things to do with my time! Let me know if you make some, would love to hear about it. abigailstaffs@gmail.com


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