Wednesday, 4 April 2012

My Idea of Extreme Couponing, "Abigail Style!"

At the moment, I always want to get the most for my money. If I am paying for an item, I always think

1. Can I get it cheaper somewhere else, and am I saving money by taking the cheaper option?
(e.g. if a bike is £100, at the shop down the road, but £95 a 20 mile drive away, it is better to buy it for £100)

2. Am I getting my money's worth?
Is it really worth it for the money.

3. Could I increase my money's return?
This for me is the big question over the last 6 months and it has made me ever so slightly obsessed.
An example, the foundation I bought on Friday.

By buying the bottle from House of Fraser I saved £2.45 and got 5 freebies with it, plus some loyalty points. Much better than going to Boots to only get my loyalty points or buying it online.

I was thinking about this today, as my mother asked me to pick up a present for The Chap. I paid for it and duly handed over my loyalty card to get the points.  I also then completed the competition to win Sheskpeare tickets and chose the free gift of a notepad with matching pen. Did I mention I bought it today as there was 20% off?

Such total obsessive behaviour can amuse those around me as I constantly struggle for a loyalty card, or bring out a voucher. But it DOES save money and give me free things.

Do not misunderstand, yes I have a Boots, House of Fraser, Tesco, and Subway loyalty card, but I do not blindly go to those stores to get my purchases. I price check and if one of those establishments has the best deal, then I also get my points to use at a later date.

If I forget lunch one day, well at least I am getting something 'extra' for the money I do spend.

I also love a voucher/ coupon, often using one means I can have a treat or make my money last longer, or even better get something free!

Currently I am sitting on these
The voucher at the back for Frankie and Benny's I printed off today, we are going tomorrow night as it is not valid from Good Friday to Easter Monday. It should cover a third of our bill.

Even If I am not sure I always grab a coupon, then every month I bin anything out of date. But, I also check them every time I do have to shop.

It saved me quite a bit, once I got over my middle class sensibilities about vouchers.

Now I do not care, I hand them over and wander off happy in the knowledge
1) If i had to buy it at least I had some points back
2) It reduced my shopping bill which means I can pay more of the debt back.

This is extreme couponing "Abigail Style". Ha!

Do you go shopping with a coupon / voucher or loyalty card always in hand?

Frugally yours


  1. Hi Abigail, I am *exactly* the same. Today I spent a significant amount of time working out my shopping lists for Aldi and Tesco in line with my meal plan for the week ahead, as well as my list for in town. I write my shopping lists on the back of an old envelope and put the corresponding vouchers and money-off coupons in the envelope. Then everything is organised when I reach the shop and it reduces the risk of impulse buying!

    Best Wishes
    Frugal Wife

  2. We have different stores here in the States but I use the same tactics-always looking for the best discount or coupon!! :)

  3. I love it when the offers change in the 'supers' and I can get out my stash of coupons to see which products I can get for pence or even free by using the right coupons in the right shops!
    ie, Lenor is at half price at Mr t at the mo and I have a £1 voucher. Off to get 3 large bottles at 68p (as I did just recently). I'll have my years stash soon.
    Love couponing. lol


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