Monday, 16 April 2012

The kindness of strangers. x

I am not above a little bit of subterfuge.

I have absolutely fallen in love with these knives I got from coupons at Tesco. They are £4.95 each with 5 of these Tesco Coupons.
The problem is you have to spend £25 to get one of these coupons. So to get the whole set of 5 knives (not including the sharpener) you need 25 coupons. A total spend of £625 before "buying" the knives for £4.95.

£649.75 in total. Suddenly a set of 5 new knives is looking REALLY expensive.

Hmmm, thinking cap on. There are only so many people you can ask for their vouchers.

A few days ago I went in to the Tesco petrol station and bought some petrol, only £20 worth. After the transaction had been processed. I asked if I could have a knife voucher please? "Sorry" was the response, you need to spend £25 to get one.

"Would it help" I replied, "If I told you, you were a very pretty lady?" I added on a winning toothy smile that said 'yup, I know I am trying it on, but you never know'.

She looked at me and started laughing, as we were the only 2 people in the petrol station and said "Give me a moment" She came back out 10 seconds later with her handbag, opened it and fished out a purse.

"Here you go" she stated with her own winning smile. She handed over all these!

25 in total! Enough for a full set! I was delighted apparently she had been saving coupons shoppers did not want and was going to give them to a friend of hers, but decided since I asked very nicely I could have them!

I was, and still am over the moon. A full set of knives and they are really good quality. In fact as I already have two, I said The Chap could have 2 too.

I have been using the same 3 knives bought 8 yrs ago from Woolworths when I got my first place.

Thinking that if someone is nice to you, you should pass it forward, I emptied all my change into the children's charity pot on the counter to say thank you, which I could tell pleased her - probably £3ish. 

Now this is probably against all Tesco regulations, which is why I am not saying where it happened. But, it is kind people like that who make my day. Yes, I was a little cheeky, but the worst that could have happened was she said "No" in which case I was no worse off.

Living alone, I could never have got the full set by the time the offer expired at the end of May. And, I would never have bought myself a set of beautiful knives of this quality. When I go and pick them up, I will share a picture if you are interested?

Thank you pretty lady at Tesco's, may your days be filled with happiness.

Frugally yours


  1. Fantastic! I bet you felt like you had won the lottery! (well nearly) when she passed all them to you!
    Just goes to show that there are some lovely people out there! x

  2. They can be good in Tesco. An assistant asked me if I was collecting them, despite not spending the required amount. She said she puts them to one side if customers don't want them and offers them to the next customers until someone does need them.


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