Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Now, I need you take a seat dear friend!

Hello and Welcome to my new follower Michelle. Thank you so much for visiting! And, Jan thank you for your kind comments!

I think everyone, you need to sit down.

As, I have some BIG news.....I am not perfect.

I know, who would have guessed? What with my immaculate nails, perfect hair, and smooth legs. (cough! cough!) :o)

I do not know about you chaps, but is anyone else all a tiz after the Easter weekend? I am normally pretty organised, but eveything seems to have gone to pot.

I did not attend my evening class on Tuesday, I forgot to make bread and so far I have forgotten lunch yesterday and today. That means I have had to spend money on something to eat.

So far the running total is £6.80. Remember the good old days when I made £5 last 5 days?

I am not moaning about having had 4 days off or only doing two, 4 day weeks. But it has thrown out my schedule.
  • The the flat has not been cleaned
  • There is no petrol in the car
  • I have no bread
  • I forgot to buy milk for the office
  • The ironing is doing a good impression of the leaning tower of pisa
All this means more to do of a work evening.

So I am giving myself fair warning, "Do this again Abigail, and you are grounded!"

Oh, did I mention after all that chocolate this weekend, I suspect I am morbidly obese and having a battle of wills with the bathroom scales who currently want to weigh my fat ass Renaissance physique.

I bet Victoria Beckham does not have this problem..sigh

Frugally yours


  1. True, but lets face it, a puff of breeze and she would snap in half!

  2. A tornado wouldn't shift me. I've had too much chocolate, too.

  3. Oh, what are you talking?? I saw the pictures of you in a dress you made-you are FAT AT ALL!! You look cute and NORMAL!


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