Thursday, 26 April 2012

May's Debt Repayment

Welcome to my new follower - Judith, thanks so much for visiting. x

Today is Pay Day. As we know I love a Pay Day as it means more money from my debt.

I had a nice surprise when I got in last night and checked my payslip. I had thought with the tax code changes, I would be better off by £14/month. I was wrong. I am better off by £35/month. £420 per annum increase in my nett pay is very welcome. I want to say thank you.

£420 would pay for my car insurance for a year.
£420 would pay my service charge on W Towers for a year.
£420 would pay nearly 2 quarterly utilities bills.

So time to pay everyone back. I took my basic £150 debt repayment and have added £35 salary increase and £16 which was left over in my current account.

Credit Card 1          was £334.78       paid £175.78     now £159.00
Credit Card 2          was £608.02       paid £26.02       now £582.00
Overdraft                was £300           paid £0              now £300
Car Loan                 was £0               paid £0              now £0

Starting Debt: £1990.80
April's Debt: £1240.60
May's Repayment: £201.80
Total Left to Pay: £1041.00

47.7% of my debt has now been repaid since January and I am still on target to paying off all my debt by December 2012.

I have set my up a new page - Monthly Goals and have stated that this month during the next 5 weeks until it is Pay day again I would like to clear another £40 from my debt, either through economising or by making some money. I will blog how that is going through the month.

Thank you so much for your kind Birthday wishes yesterday. I had a super day  - family and friends were so generous, but even more, such thoughtful gifts. My mum had bought me 2 matching bread tins, as currently I have to make 1 large and 1 small loaf. The Chap bought me so much but amongst it was 2 items he thought about all by himself - a book on cupcakes and some hot chocolate I from Twinnings which I really love. Expect to see some recipes coming up shortly.

My sister gave me €uros to go to Amsterdam with as she knew I was a little short, but the cutest notebook to write posts in if I am every caught short.

But, look at this! My friend "P" made me this cake all by her own hand. How thoughtful is that, and the time it will have taken her.

It honestly made me feel very honoured!

People really in general are so kind.

Frugally yours


  1. You are doing really well on your debt repayment, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks so much honey, really beginning to feel now that it is beginning to reduce, and not quite such a large mountain to climb.


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