Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Shopping At Lidl.

I had visitors for a night over the weekend. They arrived mid afternoon on Saturday and left just before lunch time on Sunday.

It lovely to see my friend B, she brought her new chap for me to meet. He was nice too, which was good!

So on friday on the way home I did some more food shopping. Quite a bit of my monthly budget blown.
£33.64, but that does include £8.99 spent on a bottle of white rum, I am trying to not buy Bacardi anymore and am looking for cheaper alternatives.

I think looking back through this receipt what has shocked me is the amount I have been willing to spend on nutritionally dreadful foods.
lemon cheesecake      £2.99. (However this was a pudding after the lunch I cooked on Saturday and after costing it out for my homemade version. Buying it was a few pence extra)
Creme caramel          £0.72
Honey balls cereal     £1.59
12 toasting waffles    £0.55
Caramel Choc Bars    £1.29
Total                        £4.15
(not including the 2 frozen pizzas)

This is a warning I think to me,
do not go food shopping again without a list!

I always go with a list normally. The one time I do not, look what happens?

I will be fat and skint! ha ha ha!

So April Food spend - £33.64
Left to spend - £46.36 with 3 weeks to go.

No doubt in my mind Lidl is cheaper, but I cannot do a full shop there and like most places they do not cater for the single person.

So I am continuing to flutter between the market, Tescos, Lidl, Aldi and Morrisons.

Frugally yours

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