Monday, 2 July 2012

My Ever So Seldom Seen Glamorous Side.

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I have had the most fabulous weekend and day today.

Staying with my friend S was great. She welcomed me on Friday after work with fresh seabass and chocolate cheesecake. The meal was so delicious and she really makes me feel so welcome. Plus, S has the most amazing uber posh collection of lotions and potions and offered her entire collection at my disposal whilst I had a bath. Even S said I smelt superb after. Fully exfoliated everywhere and primed primped and preened to the fullest extent. It was pure bliss.

A night in her very comfortable spare room brought homemade breakfast muffins in the morning and a bacon sandwich. Then we caught a bus to covent garden and tootled around. I only invested in 3 scarves on a market stall all in different shades of animal print £7.50 total. (the lady did me a deal). They will make very nice presents for friends later in the year and 1 may well find its way into my own collection.

4pm saw us outside the theatre for The Mousetrap. The world's longest running play already having done 25000 performances over nearly 60 yrs. It was great . A small theatre, very intimate and it was excellently excuted. Kept S and I guessing until the very end! I will not say any more, as they do ask at the end of the show not to reveal the nature of the "whodunnit" to anyone. I would recommend a visit if you are visiting London anytime soon. It was also one of the most reasonable, at £35 for a ticket. Wicked last year cost us £60.

After the show we popped to my very favourite bar One Aldwych for lychee martinis. 

They are eye wincingly expensive but the most delicious alcohol cocktail  you will ever ever drink. We actually had 2 as they gave us 1 free for having kept us waiting 7 minutes for our first. At £12.50 plus service charge per drink, that I believe, is what is known as a result. Besides as the day had only cost the price of a bagel and 3 scarves. I think I could justify it as S had paid for my theatre ticket for my birthday.

I met my sister on Sunday outside of Harrods. Her son and hubby had gone down south for the day to visit family so she hot footed it to meet me for some serious window shopping in the best corner shop in the world. We tried on every kind of make up known to man. My sister looked and tried on a £6000 watch. I looked at Channel handbags, Louis Vuitton gloves and the pet department.

We got treated like royalty by the staff and even saw the most brilliant sale deductions. I love Rado watches and the diamond one I absolutely love was reduced from £4k to £1900. So, I got 2...... hahaha kidding!

At the end of looking at everything top to bottom. We left with no bags and no purchases. However we did both buy a sandwich whilst we there for hours. The bill came to £40 for both of us. But, I think they deserve my £20 for the way we were treated. At one point they even charged our mobile phone for free whilst we ate lunch.

Harrods is such a point of interest in the capital, filled with luxurious goods for the super rich. But, there are also so many items in for the average pocket too. However, this frugal blogger thoroughly enjoyed my day window shopping, and certainly for 6 hrs enjoyment did not begrudge them my £20 for the luxury of eating a club sandwich in the most amazing surroundings.

After transferring to my sisters yesterday, I was woken up early to my nephew determined that we should play with his new batmobile i bought him as a present (£1.50 - ebay) until it was time to drop him off at nursery. Sis and I then donned macs to visit the nearby Kingston where my absolute favourite TK Max is situated. I did then at that point capitulate and bought some new sunglasses - Moschino - reduced from £180 to £29.99. They should last me years. What do we think?

I had given myself some extra money for my weeks holiday from work and whilst I would never have paid £180 for glasses, and certainly could get some new glasses cheaper..... well they make me feel like Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie O all rolled into one. 

Ah, to heck with it, I love em! And it has not been an expensive weekend at all.

My sis is my best friend and her and her family make me feel so welcome, my nephew M who is 3 constantly wants to play so this afternoon we played matching games, fishing games and snap. I also lay on the bed with him whilst he went to sleep as a treat so my sis and her hubby could have a little peace and quiet together. Together we read stories, play with cars and he loves to look at photos. My reward? As he went to sleep this evening with my arm curled around his chest, my georgous, handsome kind sweet nephew sleepily murmed 'I love you Aunty Abigail' and kept kissing my hand. I love my new glasses, and scarves and even my £20 sandwiches. But, would give them up in a heartbeat along with my health for that bundle of mischievous loud energy that I have no doubt will be pounding through my bedroom door at 7am tomorrow determined to play horsey...

Frugally yours 


  1. Your affection for your nephew shines in every post in which you've mentioned him.

    I love the glasses. I would never wear them (not my style) but I always think that style looks so classy.


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