Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Coping With Stress.

I mentioned yesterday that work is very stressful at the moment as I cover for the Director who is in sunnier climates.

I am being pulled in many different directions with the office and trying to do two persons work without the assistance of comic book superpowers is proving somewhat trying.

I got in yesterday evening and as motioned decided to de-stress by baking.

I do not know about you but I find that doing a task involving my hands rather than my brain allows me to slowly calm down after the rigours of the numpties I was dealing with in my "9-5".

I had noticed I was running low on bread at the weekend, so decided to make another couple of loaves to fill up the freezer again.

As I opened the the pantry door, I noticed this little bag looking wistfully at me in a corner.

It had been a freebie from my mum some months ago.

Being a free spirit, open to new possibilities kinda gal. I thought what the hell and grabbed it to have a go.

Possibly the easiest loaf in the world to make. Add 300ml of water then knead for 5 mins, leave for 5mins and then shape and place in baking tin to prove for about an hour. Bake for 35 minute and Bobs your Uncle, a perfect loaf.

In the end I brought it into work with me and shared it with others. All agreed it was delicious especially for being granary which I have not made before.

I think this is a good idea for people just starting out with bread making as it gives you a guaranteed loaf quickly, however at about £1 a bag for one loaf, it is certainly not a frugal option going forward.

However the time it gave me to wind down after a very busy day was priceless.

Frugally yours


  1. We have used those in the past as an emergency loaf, and they are lovely but at a premium price.

  2. Looks nice,,, shame the packets are so expensive. A nice, and productive way of winding down though :)


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