Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tasty and Nutritious!

It is a week to pay day. For those who read my blog regularly, you will know from past history that I am always skint about now. July is no exception.

I have £40 in my current account to last until Thursday 2nd. Hopefully another £20 in petrol will cover me and the final £20 I have will cover the Indian meal TC and I have booked for Saturday evening.

Unfortunately though I am entering a baking competition this weekend and need another £10-20 to cover the ingredients. Even those with the most rudimentary maths, will see the figures just do not add up.

So save hitting my savings which are at an all time low, I will try to magic some cash up from somewhere.

Meals now consist of raiding the nooks and crannies of cupboards and freezer compartments in the search for something tasty.

Yesterday a good rummage in the freezer led to the discovery of a piece of seabass with only the slightest burn on the edges. I defrosted it in some cold water, patted it dry and covered it with some fajitas dry mix I opened 2 weeks ago.

Wrap it in tin foil into a hot oven for 20 mins.

Veggies are running a little low too. But, I did find a packet of own brand cheese and onion instant mash, that I bought 6months ago and never plucked up the courage to try. That’ll do.

Actually, following the instructions led to some very tasty accompaniment to the fish in about 30 seconds start to finish that was very cheesy. I would definitely buy it again for 59p. Plus enough to do something with tonight too.

Finished the whole meal off with a tin of peas 36p which also provide veggies for tonight.

So my tea looked like this (sorry for the poor quality photos) and meant no more trips to the supermarket for the foreseeable future. Good news!  
Frugally yours

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