Friday, 27 July 2012

Food Waste Friday.


It is that time of the week again. Food Waste Friday. I link up with Frugal Girl in an effort to shame myself into better kitchen organisation.

Oh Dear not a good week at W Towers! 2 things to report.

First of all half a bag of green beans. The reality is, I love green beans so goodness knows how these developed a nasty of “stinkus veggus”. I swear they were fine earlier this week. If they were on Facebook, they would have changed their status from “fresh and delicious” to “liquid” within a space of 3 minutes. Ah well!

Secondly on Sunday, was searching the bowels of W Towers' kitchen I came across a rather nice tin of Venison Pate. It was obviously bought in better days involving afternoon tea and Cath Kidston aprons. It was delicious on hot toast for a snack. I then emptied the tin into some opaque Tupperware where it sat forgotten, until a root around found it yesterday evening. Shucks! I seem to recall it was about £3 for a small tin and I am upset it got wasted.

On a happier note the instant mash I made on Wednesday has been stretched to another 2 meals.

I added a tin of Tesco value tuna (54p) to the cold mash yesterday evening and formed it into fish cakes. I then fried them in a little sunflower oil and had 2 for my tea. Another 2 tonight with some frozen vegetables and £1’s worth of instant mash and tuna I think has done pretty well.

I forgot to take a pic I am afraid.

Olympics start tonight in case you have had you head stuck in the sand for the last 7 years. I just wanted to say Good Luck and God Bless to Team GB. I am so proud to be British. I will be watching the whole Opening Ceremony whilst baking in my little kitchen ready for tomorrow’s competition.

Frugally yours


  1. Gosh, you did do well with that packet of instant mash. Enjoy your baking whilst watching the Olympics.

  2. What are you baking for the competition?

    1. Death By Chocolate cake - I need 5 bars of family chocolate for this! plus drinking chocolate.
      Double orange cake.
      All Mary Berry recipes.

  3. Yum, that sounds good! What is a double orange cake?
    It always hurts more to have to toss something that was a treat item, like the pate.

      175g softened butter 175g caster sugar 1½ level tsps baking powder
      3 large eggs, beaten 175g self-raising flour grated rind & juice of 1 orange
      To finish: 2 tbsp apricot jam 100g icing sugar shredded rind & juice of ½ orange
      Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees C (Gas mark 4). Grease a 20cm deep round tin and line the base. Put all ingredients into a large bowl and beat until blended. Turn into prepared tin and bake for 35 minutes until well risen and springy. Leave to cool in tin for a few minutes then turn out, peel off lining paper and finish cooling on wire rack. Warm apricot jam, then brush over top of cake. Mix sifted icing sugar with orange juice, then pour.

    2. That sounds delicious! I'll be copying and pasting that into my folder of recipes to make! Thanks!

  4. Fresh green beans tend to go bad pretty quickly :(


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