Friday, 13 July 2012

Perfect Pins

I am naturally very dark with dark brown hair and eyes. But I have very pale skin.

One of the unfortunate side effects of such colouring is that my hair stands out. A good thing for the hair on my head. A very bad thing for the rest of my body hair.

My daily ablutions included a constant need to shave my legs etc.

I also have slightly sensitive skin, and my legs would only accept shaving if they were soaked in a hot bath prior to applying the razor with a sensitive shaving gel ideally.

This palaver always drove me potty, especially since I still ended up with legs that were covered in tiny red dots - irritated skin around a hair follicle.

Oh, what do?

The answer came pretty easily a few years ago and it also came at a very reasonable price.
I came across the these.

They are common bath salts.

I kept getting them with gift sets in anything from joke test tubes to fancy boxes and beautifully etched bottle.

I do not like bath salt, they for me are not a bathing essential

So, as nicely packaged as they were, the bath salts just gathered dust at the bottom of the bathroom cabinet until it was eventually chucked in those annual clear outs we women have.

Until one evening during a bath I discovered a use. Take roughly one tablespoon of bath salts into the palm of your hand and rub all over a nicely soaked leg. Then shave as usual.

I end up with the smoothest of legs, no nasty irritated skin from the razor and very soft skin. I then, after patting dry, slather a cheap body lotion all over the affected area for added indulgence.

Clarins have a body scrub which is divine but at roughly £30 per pot this is a very frugal alternative. Plus I often find bath salts can be picked up in charity shops for pence.
My legs.
Often on the discount shelves of beauty stores. I have even added a base oil then some drops of rosemary and / or lavenderr oil for exfoliating my hands.

Please note though, I would advise keeping such salts away from open cuts  / grazes and from delicate skin areas. Getting salt in an open cut hurts like hell.

Honestly try it, a few attempts and your pins will be ready for our glorious British summer of BBQs, shorts and Pimms.... um wait oh heck!

Frugally yours

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