Tuesday, 31 July 2012

It's Amazing What Can Be Picked Up For Free

I tend to walk eyes down, not a very confident pose I suppose. But, today at lunchtime it meant I saw a 2p coin.

I am really funny about small denomination coins I see, I always pick them up and stuff it it my bag. Who knows when the change could be useful? And, hell it is money after all.

When I went out again to take the post later, I saw another. As I did not have my bag with me I kept it in my hand.

It was not until I was back in the office I looked at it closer.

It is actually a 1955 Half Penny. It looks exactly the same as a 2p coin.

And minted 2 years after our Queen's coronation.

I have checked and unfortunately, it is not worth enough to pay off the mortgage or even buy a stamp. But, I was fascinated.

A 57 years old coin just lying there on the pavement!

What's the best thing you have found?

Who knows what I may find tomorrow.

Frugally yours

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