Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I Love A Bit Of Tat.

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I love a bit of tat. If it changes colour when you touch it, or means that something can hang on a wall that should not hang on a wall then I can be persuaded to spend money.

Do you know those Pound shops, well I have the biggest one in the country a few steps from one of our offices. I went in there today and boy do I get excited.

I came out after 15 minutes having spent £11.

I know £12 is a lot of money, but £10 was spent on these

They are sponges, you only add water and they will clean anything. Some examples -  sole marks from laminate flooring, scuff marks on skirting boards, baked grease  accumulated over many years on hobs (TC's new house) and my personal favourite the mural painted by my 3yo nephew and friends on the white spare room wall in felt tip...... there was much a screaming and a squawking and a shouting and a crying that Sunday afternoon so I understand.

Anyhoo, no-one has asked to review them. So buy them, don't buy it is none of my business. What I am trying to state is that my local supermarket wants about £3-£4 for them branded and the local £1 store sells them for wait a minute I have the receipt somewhere....oh yes £1.

My sister cannot get them down south so I have a standing order to buy up any cheap sponges upon sight. 10 today. Apparently some of her friends saw them and want them too. My tenner will be refunded by my sis when I catch up with her.

I also bought 2 boxes to post items. 50p each and they take a pair of shoes perfectly so I use them to send off my ebay sales. The price is included in the P&P. So a legitimate expense I think.

I have a friend who gets just as excited as I do over such tat and I thought it might amuse you to see a few of our purchases. The rules are, it has to be cheap and basically tat that fulfils a need you did not realise you had.

Please note these are links I found and I am in no way related to the sellers or endorsing their products.  

These are my favourite.
A toothpaste dispenser
handbag dispenser

Frugally yours

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