Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Lurgy

Sorry about the radio silence, damn typical for me. A few days off and  I come down with the lurgy. For quite a few years I always got flu over Christmas (3 times in 8 yrs). 6 years ago after a particularly nasty bout that landed me in an ambulance just before NYE and then a month off work as I had complications – Pneumonia and Pleurisy.
Now, I do admit to being quite precious about my health. Every year I queue for my winter flu jab.

I had thought it was strange that whilst I was staying with my sister I was so shattered and falling into bed at about 10ish after a relatively quiet day.

Thursday it hit me when I woke up that I had come down with a cold and over the weekend it hit my chest. I spent Friday in bed and pretty much the same again on Saturday. Sunday, I  watched the tennis had snooze and kept being sick due to coughing all the time whilst viewing the washing from my few days away piled in a visable corner.

I really am not a lazy person but tidying the mess after returning from a few days away was just beyond me.

I made it into work on Monday and again today. Each day feeling a little bit more normal with the aid of over the counter cold remedies.

I hate being ill, but with a history of nasty chest infections. The only sensible course of action is to make sure I look after myself, otherwise history repeats itself and I end up in my parents spare room wheezing and barely able to talk.

Anyhoo, a quick update on life.

I have put aside the petrol money I need until it is Pay Day again and now have only a small amount for daily expenses to last 3 weeks until 2nd August. I have also transferred all the money I made from Ebay and put it into my savings account, which are still looking worryingly low.

I have though done a big food shop and spent  about £40. I will update the food page in the next few days. I did spend some of that money in M&S food hall after receiving another £10 voucher from an online research company. Already £2 of the way to my next.

Glad to be feeling better but upset at the £11/£12 I have had to fork out on over the counter remedies to make me feel normal. Day Nurse in my humble opinion is the only effective “cure” for a cold and bad congestion. But it is soooo expensive £5.85 in my local Chemist. I needed 2 boxes and am still having to take it today to get though all my cold calling without coughing down the ear of a prospective client. 

I am so glad to be feeling better, but I think it means I owe The Chap a big thanks as especially on Friday night when I was just a blubbering mess on his sofa in a completely black mood about savings, hobs, garage doors, holidays and debt. Poor guy!

Frugally yours


  1. Glad you are beginning to feel better. Maybe you could make some cures yourself! OR buy some shares in Night Nurse:o)

  2. I'm glad you are beginning to feel better. I've never heard of Night Nurse (must not have here in the U.S. or, at least, not where I live).

    It was good of The Chap to let you be a blubbering mess on his sofa. I've known plenty of people who just respond with "Get over it" regardless of the illness.


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