Monday, 4 February 2013

Thieves & Vagabonds, Keep On Moving There Is Nothing to See Here.

If you are of a criminal disposition, then please avert your eyes now.
I am really worth mugging at the moment.

This is unusual. Normally if approached by knife wielding “hoodie” with nefarious plans, then I would have handed over my purse with a jaunty smile as it normally contained somewhere in the region of £1.73, some useless credit cards and a debit card that had an available balance of somewhere between £0 – 20.00.

I think on balance a few months ago, I would have been most upset to loose my Tesco loyalty card. All those points!

Much has changed since I started blogging. My credit cards are now worth nicking, but are safely stored at home. Not to stop any theft, but the much more likely possibility of my head being turned by a pair of sparkly shoes or the longed for mascara which will never smudge!

However, I am trialling a new system since pay day on Thursday.

I have taken out £400 in cash and split it in half. £200 to cover petrol for the month and £200 to cover food for TC and myself.

This means I have more cash than I have seen for a long time in my purse.

I am doing it to try and keep a track on my spending in February.

Time will tell if it works, but I do need to try and decant some of this cash into the safe.

I did my first proper shop for The Chap and I on Friday after work and for the first time was able to use one of the vouchers to get £6 off if you spend £40 or over. The shop came in at £49 and will last us until at least Friday, and hopefully longer. It also led to another voucher for next week.

I think TC is very happy to have given up the cookery reins, and is certainly delighted to have his extra 20mins in bed of a work day morning as he does not need to iron a shirt for work. I do it all on a Sunday.

I on the other hand am quite happy never to pick up a wrench, sander, polyfiller etc. Division of labour is wonderful.


I wonder if anyone can help? I want to start a little garden here at “Southfork” and am planning on appropriating a small patch say 1m square for the growing of some vegetables. Can anyone suggest a good garden planner on the net I could use so I know when (i.e. the month) to plant potatoes etc?

I am thinking of starting small
Onions or leeks

Space is limited here at "Southfork", so I was thinking that spuds can be grown in pots or bags can’t they?

All advice gratefully received.

Frugally yours


  1. Yes they can and in such a small space, is the best way to grow them. I grow mine in pots around 15" wide or 18" wide at the top, 3 in a pot and just cover, then fill as the shoots appear and keep filling. Each of my 3 raised beds is 1m x 1.20m and I find it best to grow either small things such as lettuce, beetroot, carrots etc or tall things such as runner/french beans. Leeks are good but might take up the whole bed also. Any gardening book would help you with when to sow and plant or just search on the internet.

  2. Check out this lovely lady's site at
    She has lots of advice on growing your own veg etc.


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