Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cupids, Hearts and Humbug.

A few days ago I mentioned I had taken out a lot of cash to better budget for food and petrol.

It seems to be working well. I have exceeded what I should have spent, but the good news is that it is by a lot less that I have done in previous months.

A celebration is in order. And tomorrow is um, now what was it Easter? Christmas?

It is Valentine’s Day!

I am not a big believer in Valentine’s Day, it is all a hype and nothing in my mind says “I love you” more than The Chap checking my tyre pressure before I go on a long trip in the car.

So I am not expecting bouquets of  roses or expensive gifts. Indeed I have not bought anything for him save a card.

Saying that, TC and I have been so busy recently with me away for the weekend and him still working on our updated kitchen that we have decided to go out for dinner this evening.

I have said before that TC is not thrifty like I am. He earns a lot more than I. He never has any debt and believes credit cards are paid off at the end of every month.

So having a meal out for him is not the big deal financially it is for me.

However, he is learning as he did ask “Ok, so where do you have a voucher for?” Bless Him! I normally only suggest dinner out when I have seen a particularly good deal.

I had actually got a list of places I could get money off if we did not go on Valentine’s night. ASK, Frankie and Bennys, CafĂ© Rouge etc.

I could also have gone out and bought the Valentine’s Day Meal Deals on offer at M&S, Tesco, Waitrose etc. The Tesco offer I could have bought with loyalty vouchers alone.

But, this is a meal for TC and I to enjoy together, a little bit of luxury. I find that if we have a meal out, then we really talk without the distractions of telephones, tv and “to do” lists.

That is far more important that saving a few bucks. So, I asked him where he wanted to go.

TC is not good with this type of question, and I just had a list back, not Frankie and Bennys, not Indian and not a steak house.

So I booked us into our local Brasserie that does a 2 course meal for £10.90 each and not a microwaved lasagna or chicken nugget in sight.

I am really looking forward to it.

Life is not so tough that I cannot afford to eat out with The Chap once every few weeks. And life is so precious that I want to.

I love him so much, I want to spend time with him, even after he infuriates me, and I try to boss / nag him.

So tomorrow, buy a card if want to for your loved one, or grab some flowers or even invest in a valentine’s day meal, but really time is the most precious thing you can give.

Oh God I sound like a Greetings Card!

Do you have any thrifty tips for Valentine’s Day?

Frugally yours


  1. We do the same, never go out right on Valentines day. The most we do is a card to each other. This year we are going out to dinner on Saturday for our monthly date out - Greek Dinner this time. Cheers!

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  3. We don't do gifts,cards or flowers on Valentines as I refuse to take part in the big commercial rip off!
    We don't need a specified national day to tell our other halves we love them and like you say we don't need to do it with expense - a cup of tea brought up to me in bed, running me a hot bubble bath says it all to me.
    But as we enjoy eating out and 'getting away from it all' we do go out for a meal and use Valentines as a excuse for it when really we would of probably ate out at the weekend anyway lol x

  4. I have just posted about this on my blog :-)

    If you will enjoy going out then have fun - we don't "do all that" but then, after 33 years together ( 28 married ) we don't really feel the need and would rather have a nice steak, a good bottle of wine and watch a film together at home.

    And yes love is somethign to share all year round ;-)


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