Friday, 8 February 2013

Dear Universe

Hello and Welcome to my new follower Alternative Foodie. Thank you so much for visiting. x


I am just putting this out there. I DO NOT snore.

Certain interested parties at "Southfork" have accused me of snoring.

As a dainty size 12, with the bone structure of a prima ballerina and the manners of a Victorian lady of quality, I wish to clarify for the universe that I DO NOT SNORE.

As someone who has shared a bed on occasion, I do know that I talk in my sleep, and I once even got up and laid all my toiletries out in a line in the middle of the lounge floor.


So, I choose to believe that The Chap is going through some kind of crisis.

In such situations it is obvious that I need to be there for him. Supporting the man, loving him unconditionally and being there as he puts together the pieces of his broken nose, if he accuses me of snoring one more time.

Are we clear?


Frugally yours
P.S. I promise you I really do not snore.


  1. Ha ha poor TC! Alas I do snore though. Too many willing witness to bring my case to the universe. What is more I've a body structure opposite of yours, Abigail, am short & stocky. Thus the chase to be fit and less weighty. Well good luck to TC, and Thank you for the nice welcome, that sure made feel special ;)

    Alternative foodie

    1. You are welcome!
      Oh Bless you for believing all that rubbish about me. I am on the "comfortable" side of "plump" that enjoys a family sized bar of chocolate a lot more that is strictly necessary!


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