Friday, 22 February 2013

Frugal Fashion

"Hi Hunny, what are you wearing?"

I actually have never been asked that question by a handsome hulk of a man over the phone in a breathless way. I am actually not sure how I would react if I was. Probably something along the lines of:-

"Winceyette nightown and walking socks, pervert"

However, I am going to answer this question for you today.

Here I am. I do not photograph well, so please stop laughing!

I realised how cheaply I am attired today at work.

The dress was from Ebay, £4.25 incl P&P.

The vest top was from Primemark £3. My shoes I bought yesterday from Wallis and were £29.50. Tights from Tesco 2 pairs for £6.

I teamed it with a red coat ex Marks and Spencers, bought as a second from a market stall for £15.00.

Total cost of today's outfit= £54.75.

I think that was pretty thrifty.

Frugally yours


  1. That dress does not look like it cost less than a fiver! You look lovely!

    I love it when a outfit comes together ever so cheaply! I think I get a kind of buzz from it! lol

    Smart and thrifty is the way forward - well done on your bargains!

    Amanda x

    1. Thank you, I just refuse to spend a lot of money on work attire.

      I keep a pretty constant search out for second hand wrap dresses on ebay as I find them so comfortable.

      I them just put in my maximum bid and see what happens. Normally my max bid is about £7, so with P&P I only pay about £10.

  2. Lovely, my favourite coat is red, 3 years ago in the Next sale, and with dark tights and black shoes it is smart and not dull, just like your outfit.

  3. Hi Pam.
    I just think you cannot go wrong with red and as you say it looks so smart!.

    Plus with dark hair I prefer strong colours.
    Also I think as I get older it is more youthful to wear a bit of colour!.



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