Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Not A Happy Bunny Today Peeps!

Do you know that saying "It is always darkest before the dawn"? Bloody stupid saying if you ask me, example of the pretty blooming obvious.

Well that is how I feel today, it is Pay Day tomorrow and I feel like everything is lined up and ready for paying.

I am starting in March to get cracking on the overdraft, only a little bit but I do want to try and clear it this year.

I also have a few extra items to pay for
  • Car service
  • Ground rent on the flat.
  • I need to pay for some presents.
  • There are a couple of kitchen items I need to purchase too as our new kitchen slowly comes together.
  • A few dinners booked out too this month and I need to put money aside for that.
  • Train tickets too
They are all extras, but they need to be sorted.

I suppose it is lucky that for the first time in ages I have made a good amount of commission.

Shame it is all going though straight away. Seriously, it will hit my account just past midnight and I think by lunch time 50% of it will be gone to pay off various bills.

If truth be told, I am pretty upset about that.

C’est la vie, I suppose, I should be relieved.

Yours morosely

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