Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Look At What I Did Not Buy.

These are my work shoes, and they smell.

They smell really bad!

I have been wearing them for about a year, 12 hours a day, 5 days per week. The insides are worn and I keep having to dig out plastic bits from inside of the heel.

Truth be told, they have not been the most comfortable of work shoes as they are slightly too large and the left shoe tends to flop off a bit if you walk into town.

I once went out to visit a client and walked to the top of the stairs only to have the shoe fall off and clatter to the bottom. That was a bit embarrassing.

So I have been keeping a weather eye open for a new pair. I bought these off Ebay, but I think I prefer to try shoes on.

I found the perfect pair today in Wallis for £29.95. Low heel with patent toes and in black. These are the same pair but in brown / black.

I toddled off to WH Smiths whilst I thought about them. WH SMiths are currently offering free sweets everyday this week for O2 customers. Yesterday was Sour Patch Kids and today was Fruit Shoot Jellies.

That made me think of vouchers, so I sat down outside the shop and searched O2 online, Quidco, Voucher Codes and MSE. I even, I am ashamed to admit, rang up Wallis Customer Services who also stated there were no deals currently available.

I guess I am not getting any new shoes soon then.

I then went off and grabbed a free can of Cola from Greggs with another voucher.

I think I am slightly obsessed with vouchers now as well as socks.

The poor Chap, having to share a house with these offending articles. If something pongs so badly it affects the owner / wearer then you know it has to be bad!! Lol

Frugally yours


  1. An inexpensive pair of inserts (the deodorizing kind) could stretch your shoes a bit further. They are quite inexpensive. Have you ever bought shoes at a thrift? I didn't until two years ago (worried about cleanliness and all that). I have found two BRAND new pairs and one pair only used once or twice for just a couple dollars. When I get them home I disinfect them with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Just a thought to stay on budget.

  2. Honey, death begins with your feet, get those new shoes now! It isn't worth the wait. I teach dance I know feet:) Even smelly ones.

  3. If you can possibly manage two pairs at a time, they would each last longer, have more time to air between wears and be more frugal in the long run. Then you can take your time finding the next ones at a good price. Not always possible, I know. A good slug of bicarb inside shoes, hoovered out before wearing, helps with the deodourising; if that doesn't help, a wipe inside with tea tree oil might help; cheap at Wilkinsons.

  4. What about charity shops? Ive bought a pair of shoes from here and disinfected them when I got home, a bargain for £3.50!

    Where do you have your vouchers from, as I would love to get into using them but dont know where to start!

    Amanda x

    1. I am a huge fan of 02 priority moments and find that there are some really good offers on there. However, it is of course only available to 02 customers. So I would recommend Quidco (i find it a bit of a faff unless you have a big ticket item to by e.g. tv) Vouchercodes is very good as is Shop Save Scan and the vouchers Tesco send me. I have all these as "apps" on my iphone so you are never caught out without being able to check to see if a discount is available. x Any luck on the renting of the house?

  5. P.S Them Wallis shoes are really nice and have been reduced to £23.60! x

    1. Yes but only online!
      I called them on that in store.
      I really like those brown and black shoes, but the brown element makes them unsuitable to match my current work wardrobe.
      I am just about to post about what I did get.

  6. Thanks for all the advice and going forward i will be trying to deoderise my shoes more regularly.
    However, smell is not the only issue, there is no stiffness in the back of the shoes to keep them in place as you walk and the heel has lost a lot of leather and the sole on the heel is worn down. Quite frankly they are not worth spending £7 on repairing.
    I have never found the right kind of shoe in Charity Shops here in the UK, though I will continue to look for a second pair of work shoes to try and prolong life.


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