Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Innocence of Youth, or How to Emotionally Scar Your Nephew for Life!

I had the great good fortune this weekend to look after my 4 year old nephew “M”.

His parents (my sister and brother in law) were invited to a wedding in Brighton so these few days had been booked in the diary since last year.

My friend “S” has a little boy “J” of the same age, so we arranged to meet up and went to a local farm.

It was great fun.

My little nephew always has a lot to say for himself, I think every 4 yo does. He can spend hours watching pigs, feeding goats, riding ponies and generally doing everything…twice. He also believes that walking is for wimps, and running is the only way to get around.

The whole of his day comes with a non stop commentary, which generally you are expected to listen and contribute to as required. It is always peppered with references to Batman and Spiderman whatever the general location / activity.

I think it is all a hoot and just decide to give dignity a miss for 48 hours. Going down slides, playing on playground apparatus and cheering on racing pigs. I am also famous in focus groups of 3-6years olds for my ability to find lost toys and repair Lego Batmans.

“M” makes friends easily and him and “J” got on like a house on fire.

S & J stayed over with us on Saturday. After breakfast we all went off to get dressed.

I helped “M” get ready first and then he sat on my bed chattering as I got ready to face the day.

He heard “J” (3 years old) outside my room, and shouted,

“J”! Is that you? Do you want to come in and watch Aunty Abigail get dressed?”

Now isn’t that an offer? It appears my reverse striptease is now a spectator sport.

Poor little mites, how to emotionally scar them for life, looking at my fat bum being shoe horned into the Sunday denim.

I am always so grateful for these times alone with my nephew, when I do not have to share him with anyone, but can read rhyming books and tuck him in and generally enjoy time with this wonderful little boy.

I think he enjoyed it too, as he said sleepily at bed time “Aunty Abigail, please do not get married and have a baby, as I always want to be your little boy”

Frugally yours


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