Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Self Fulfilling Prophecy and Thanks TC! x

Hello and Welcome to my new follower - Nim Scutt, thank you so much for visiting! x

I am not spending at the moment, of course I have no spare cash, so the choice of whether to spend is kind of academic. If you have nothing, there is no choice.

So imagine my surprise when The Chap walked through the door yesterday evening, holding aloft a huge box, and a large smile as I was cooking dinner.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Abigail!” (over a week early)

Inside was a Cordless Dyson Digital Slim Vacuum (DC44 Animal).
I have been wanting one for months.

Just not sure how I feel about getting a vacuum early for Valentine’s Day, but I sure am delighted at having it.

My sister and my mum both have them and they are absolutely fantastic, so TC decided to buy me one. (Though of course as TC bought it ours has to have the most powerful engine. It is appears he chooses Dysons using the same criteria as buying cars, power tools and lawn mowers!)

It arrived yesterday to his workplace and he brought it home with him.

Yesterday I was vacuuming everything in sight, and working out where the wall charging unit would be screwed in.

This little baby will happily suck up cat hair and dust from the all the sanding The Chap does.

Dyson Digital Slims are not cheap starting at £160, but TC, being TC bought ours off Ebay and it had been used. However apart from a slightly grubby filter, everything else is immaculate. We think it was probably used about 2 or 3 times max.

TC wont say what he paid for it.

The fact remains  Whilst I am delighted to have a Dyson Slim (which makes me uber posh), did I just receive a vacuum for a romantic gift??

It appears this post was a self fulfilling prophecy

Frugally yours


  1. Regardless of the romance involved, I love gifts that I actually *want*. Nothing spells knowing your partner more than understanding them enough to get them a gift they will actually enjoy having. :-)

  2. Great gift, I bought one last year and I would not be without it.

  3. I actually don't mind not getting something normally percieved as romantic, for day, like Valentine's. It is the thought right? And Valentine's day can still be romantic with nice dinner in super clean house ;)


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