Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Stuffed Again, And It Is My Own Fault.

I have the leaning Tower of Paperwork in my spare room..

If you walk past my desk with eyes dead centre you can do a good impression of pretending it does not exist, but you do have to be careful when closing the door that the pile does not tip over.

I hate piles of paperwork, as you know 40% can be shredded, 40% can be filed. 10% need to be actioned and the other 10% will be left to seed a new generation of paper piles.

Anyway in an effort to clear the pile, or at least negate some guilt at not tackling it, I randomly grabbed 3 letters to look at whilst working my way through a chocolate wafer.

2 items were easily relegated to guinea pig bedding. The third??


It was a letter about my contents insurance renewal. Which ran out... yup you guessed it.... 31st July 2012. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.

This has happened once before 14 yrs ago with my car insurance. So to have it happen again is dreadful. Especially, when everything is noted on multiple calendars.

The renewal premium was £223. I was going to just agree for a quiet life, then I thought of my readers, and just thought... I cannot.

I hopped on the interweb and started filling in forms on comparison websites. However, after 20 minutes loosing the will to live, and discovering grey matter leaking from my ears - I gave up.

I loathe, detest and hate having to provide personal details to some numpties online. To get quotes on contents insurance from all the comparison websites, I had to provide my email, dob, address, profession etc etc not to mention the date my car insurance need renewing.... for contents insurance!!!!

It drives me potty!

Oh did I mention also they wanted me to create an 8 digit password too etc etc...Some other sodding password to forget in 3 nanoseconds.

So lunchtime today saw me on the phone to my insurance broker who handles my car insurance. Within 15 minutes he called me back.

The quote was reduced by £20, with my cover increased by £20,000 and all major issues handled without me crawling around doors for information on how many levers my locks had.

He also offered to hold photos of key precious items in case of loss.

Three cheers for David!

Whether, you decide to compare prices on insurance online or not, the best piece of advice I can give when it comes to contents insurance is regularly review your policies to ensure your contents are being covered fully and try to ensure you have proof of the major items stored offsite.

Imagine loosing all your belongs and discovering you were only entitled to enough money to cover 30% replacement.

I like my insurance broker, he manages multiple policies for me and when I have had a problem he has liaised with the insurers for me too, taking the hassle out of a stressful situation.

However, insurance brokers undertake their work to get paid and as such be aware you may get the policy cheaper going direct.

I have known David for years and all my family use him, so I am comfortable with his assistance in this matter that needed to be sorted quickly during my working hours.

Frugally yours

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