Thursday, 2 August 2012

August's Debt Repayment

Firstly - Hello and Welcome to my new follower - Mabel and Maisy. I am so delighted to meet you!

Well that time of the month again today, Pay Day.

Normally I get really excited about Pay Day, not today. I seems like I have 5 fishes to feed 5000. Mind you I suppose we do know how that turned out! :o)

Salary was waiting for me first thing this morning and I started as I normally do by putting £300 into savings ready for my holiday next month, the car MOT and the next bloody utility bill. Savings are still dangerously low and i do not like it.

I then transferred £68 to my mother. Partly to pay for the window cleaners and partly to repay some cash I owed from earlier in July (mum's interest rate of 0% is always appreciated).

After then paying my flat service charge, allowing for petrol and a few other adhoc expenses. It leaves me £122 for August. To cover food and any fun I want to have..... what bloody fun could I have with £122 less food??? Answers on a postcard.



Credit Card 1     Was: £0.00     Paid: £0.00    New Balance: £0.00
Credit Card 2     Was: £232.71  Paid:£32.00   New Balance: £200.71
Overdraft          Was: £300.00   Paid: £0.00    New Balance: £300.00
Car Loan           Was: £0.00     Paid: £0.00    New Balance: £0.00 

Starting Debt in January - £1990.80
Debt By the End of July - £532.71
Debt Paid This Month - £32.00
New Total Debt - £500.71
Percentage of Debt Paid August – 1.6%
Percentage Paid to Date – 74.84%

Still a long way to go, but for a time this month I did think I would have to use my credit card again after about 3 years to make ends meet. So I suppose I am paying it off little by little.

Frugally yours


  1. Good to hear you can still pay a little off each month. Quietly quietly catchy monkey!

  2. Just discovered your blog. I'd just like to say well done! I'll be watching with interest.


    1. Mrs M.
      Thank you for your kind words!
      Abigail x


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