Friday, 17 August 2012

Food Waste Friday & A Surprise.

Every week I link with frugal girl in an effort to reduce my food waste and live according to my needs.
After last week's success of nothing to report, this week..
4 poor mushrooms, shrivelled up, with the consistency of golf balls. What a shame, I love mushrooms and could have
  • fried them and added it to some pasta
  • had them raw in a salad
Poor little things. Rest in peace. x

On a happier note:-

I got home last night from work and opened my front door to find a carrier bag in my hall. ??

Inside was this loot
My mum had read yesterday's blog entry, and bought everything I required on the list for my holiday in 2 weeks time.

How sweet was that?

Thanks mum. I love you x.

I am 36 yrs old, and she STILL takes care of me.

Frugally yours



  1. Those poor mushrooms, such a pity. But be glad that it wasn't a whole container of mushrooms or worse. You did well.

    And that is indeed sweet of your mom, to both read your blog and bring you what you'll be needing! No one in my family even reads my blog.

  2. Oh, how nice of your Mom :)

  3. I have been telling her that she has been getting a lot of love on here over the weekend, and she has been on to read all your comments.
    She is rather chuffed I believe.


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