Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What A Weekend!

Firstly, Hello and Welcome to my New Follower, "Doo". Thank you so much for visiting. x

Secondly, I really must sort out taking more pictures for the blog. I know I prefer reading posts with photos.

Anyhoo, What a weekend! The sun around Staffordshire was glorious and we won yet more medals at the Olympics.

I have refrained from mentioning the Olympics before, as I was very vocal with friends and family in my opposition to The Games. In this time of austerity here in the UK, I was totally against the billions being spent on hosting a globalised event, especially considering the size of the national debt.

On every possible occasion, I took the opportunity to lam bast Lord Coe and his team for the expense and the disruption caused. I also believed as a small nation not known for our organisational abilities that the required spectacle of the opening and closing ceremonies would only go to embarass GB on the world stage. Especially, after the impressive show of Beijing 4 years ago.

Plus, I never watch sport...ever!

I sit here in front of you, head hung low ashamed of my stance and eating a large slice of humble pie.

The Cauldron
What an AMAZING 16 days. I live about 3 hours from London, and even up here we were caught up on the sense of national pride. Excited at every event and glued to the TV from dawn to dusk at the weekends with surreptitious visits to sporting websites whilst at work for a quick Olympic fix.

For this Couch Potato, I have been exhilarated from the first few seconds of the opening ceremony until the last firework died down on Sunday night.

I watched 3 hours of Archery one afternoon, and have consistently been on the edge of my seat willing our athleters to pedal faster, run quicker, row strongly, jump further, sail strategically, shoot accurately, hit harder and swim swiftly.

I have cried with so many, and jumped for joy screeching all alone in delight, I have sang the national anthemn with the windows open and wanted to hug so many of our athletes.

Team GB, you make me feel ashamed of my initial stance and make me proud to be British. 3rd in the medal table!!!

29 Gold Medals
17 Silver Medals
19 Bronze Medals

To each and every Athlete - thank you! x

Isn't it wonderful to see the world coming together to compete, and I feel privileged that my home nation hosted it, and the used the opportunity to demonstrate to the world in our opening and closing ceremonies what it is to be British.

Thanks for some wonderful memories!

Frugally yours

P.S. I also over the course of Saturday
1) Dug over and replanted The Chap's front garden following a new drive being laid
2) Assisted with the redistribution of 3 tons of topsoil from the front drive to the back garden
3) Defrosted TC's freezer (The freezer door would not close due to the ice and it was bothering me)
4) Cleaned TC's kitchen
5) And finally, screwed together TC new BBQ from flat pack.

Is there a girlfirend of the year competition? and can I enter?


  1. Blimey, I think you deserve 'Girlfriend of the Decade or even Century.'

    I am have felt very proud of the fantastic job we did and felt tears in my eyes on many occasions especially the rising up and lowering of the flame. What a fantastic piece of sculpture! I also feel we owe huge thanks to all our security forces, in particular, the Armed Forces, Police, MI5 and MI6 and anyone else who helps keep us safe from many threats we know very little about.

  2. I don't really talk about the Olympics on my blog either. For different reasons, I guess. It's hard to write about it when you live in one country and support another :)

  3. What a great post! I loved the Olympics and I've been excited about them since it was announced we would be hosting them! My whole office was on a bit of a downer yesterday as we realised there would be no red button action when we got home! OOh er!


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