Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Slow Cooked Guinness Stew, Nom Nom.

A couple of weeks ago I got some Tesco loyalty vouchers. They send them out every quarter in recognition of what you spent in their supermarket over 12 weeks.

I obviously have been a very frugal shopper for the last 3 months as I only got £2.50 plus some money off vouchers.

So over the weekend I went off and bought a bottle of Guinness using the 50p off a 500ml bottle of Guinness token I had and my vouchers. I also bought an onion and a Tesco Everyday value tin of mushrooms. It came to practically nothing with my vouchers / tokens.

I had bought some stewing beef months ago and only used half, so I defrosted the other half over the weekend. Cost £2.25 (for the half that was left).

I chopped the beef up, my goodness it was so tough I had to keep resharpening the knife! I then coated the beef in a dusting of plain flour, and fried it to brown it off with the chopped onion.

I transferred the lot to my slow cooker, then put the Guinness into my pan to collect all the tasty bits for 20 seconds before then adding it to my slow cooker too with the tin of mushrooms and 3 "about to put into a Food Waste Friday post" mushrooms which were gasping their last breaths.

Hmm, a scooch through the cupboards. Yup, add a reduced salt stock cube, and "Oh thats brown, so what the hell" big dollop of Reggea Reggea Sauce.

I put the lid on and left on high for 3 hrs (7.30pm - 10.30pm) before reducing it to low overnight.

Tuesday I woke up to an amazing aroma permeating the flat at 7am. I quickly turned it all off and transferred the contents to a cold mixing bowl and sat it in a sink of cold water for 20 minutes whilst occasionally stirring to get the heat out.
As the sauce was still thin I was planning on thickening it when I got home, however after I had covered it with tin foil and left it in the fridge during the working day it thickened up by itself.

So last night I got home decanted a bowl full into the microwave and nuked it for a couple of minutes, I served it sitting on the sofa watching rubbish tv with a defrosted buttered Warburton's roll (reduced aisle 12 for 10p). Probably should have had some vegetables too, but Aww Heck it was too delicious to wait and I had a salad for lunch. The meat after 12 hours of slow cooking just fell apart.
I know I should not say how delicious my own cooking was, but "Oh My It Was So Yummy!" and I always love being able to walk in from work and eat something homemade within 5 minutes. It will do 4 meals, so at 56p per portion. Frrrrrruuuuugal!

Frugally yours

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