Monday, 6 August 2012

Ahh Heck!

You know that feeling when you think finally you are ahead of the game?

That was how I was on Thursday when it was Pay Day. I was finally beginning to get my savings to some sort of respectability.

Then Friday happened.

I had a meeting in the late afternoon for work. As, I got back into the car , I happened to glance at my front wheel as I had gone into the space at an angle and the wheels were turned out.

Oh Dear!.... Oh Sh*t!

That front driver side wheel did not look good..... neither for that matter does the the passenger side.

I had thought the car was being a little odd, but with an MOT booked for September I had decided it could wait.

Apparently not.

I stopped at the first available garage on my way home, and got them to check the tread. Yup, both tyres needed changing on my little VW POLO. Cost?

£130 plus another £45 to check the balance.

Umm, I don't think so!

So the drive back to W Towers was interspersed with 4 stops at garages for quotes.

I managed to get the price down to £50 per tyre.... actually they wanted £51 per tyre, but I gave then my winning smile and they knocked £2 off.

Saturday then saw me at this tyre specialist, getting them replaced.

I could have REALLY done without this additional cost, but the reality is tyres save lives and if I had been in an accident my insurance would have not have covered me.

Plus the POLO has it's first MOT next month, so I suppose I am just spreading the cost.

Lesson.... never accept the first price on car repairs. Get quotes, I saved £30 from the first garage.

Frugally yours.


  1. I'm in a similar situation with my beetle's brakes, the main dealer wants £380 but a quick trip to Kwik Fit and I discovered they are much cheaper AND have an extra 15% off at the mo. Yay! :-)

    1. Just goes to show, shop around for everything! How much did you save fromt he first quote?


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