Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Shopping Trip

Firstly, Hello and Welcome to my new follower - Mrs M. Thank you so much for visiting and your supportive comment. x

I did a shopping trip late last week which I forgot to photograph, but I thought you might be interested in how much I managed to get for £13.76. This list will cover me for 8 evening meals, 2 weeks of work lunches, and breakfast.

Tesco Every Day Value = TEDV

2 x 2L bottle of own brand diet cola          78p
2x peach barley squash                           1.59 bogof
TEDV Antibac surface cleaner                    25p
TEDV Bleach                                           29p
TEDV Value Instant Mash                         20p
2x loaf                                                  20p (reduced)
12x baps                                               10p (reduced)
TEDV 2 x cottage cheese                         1.18
TEDV Kitchen Towel                                1.10
tin of mushrooms                                    41p
TEDV Cornflakes                                     31p
TEDV Caramel wafers                              40p
TEDV 2x chicken kiev                               88p
TEDV 2x Baked beans                              52p
Beef mince                                            2.00
2x milk                                                  1.10
I x cabbage                                            76p
reggea sauce                                          1.00
Tom puree                                              29p
3 x mushrooms                                       25p
Total -                                                  £13.76

I am really pleased with the frugality of this shop. The mince lasts me 3 meals, I do not buy the TEDV mince as £2 is cheap enough for mince.
By changing and buying the low cost alternatives that Tesco have I was able to reduce my shop by quite a considerable amount.

For example in Tesco the Daisy Kitchen antibac in a spray bottle which is their cheap range is about 89p. By buying the TEDV Antibac which comes in a screw top bottle I reduced the cost by approx 50p, and only need to decant it into a spray to use. Plus it is larger than a spray bottle.

I am nervous about 2 chicken kievs for 88p, but I suppose the taste test will let me know if it is worth purchasing again.

The TEDV Cornflakes at 31p a box are indistinguishable from Kelloggs, and the TEDV cottage cheese is....um... well as nice as cottage cheese can be, but again no difference from more expensive brands.

I also then over the weekend popped into Iceland for a freezer fill up.

3 x Sweet Chili Chicken Pizza   £4.50 (for those days when you cannot be bothered)
1 bag of chips                         £1
1 bag of mixed frozen veg        £1
1 box of Mr Brains faggotts      £1
Total                                     £7.50

So for about £21 I think I should have the majority of the month's food covered, with maybe a trip for some milk later on in August. 

A convert to the frugal brands at Tesco? Time will tell and I think next month I might try similar frugal own brands at Morrisons.

Any recommendations on TEDV products to try?

Frugally yours


  1. I buy nearly everything basics range. Our family are vegetarian though, so that's more difficult as its not a basics product but I still look for bargains (i.e. reduced because of sell by date or on special offer)

    Some time ago I was told that Tesco value baked beans were made by heinz but I don't know if this is true.

    1. I have tried the beans before and they are nice. I always have a sniff at the reduced section. Bread for 10p per loaf is cheaper than I could make it for, I freeze it straight away and it lasts for weeks.
      Doesn't it make you feel good when you get a bargain?

    2. Oh yes, I got 4 x 4 pints milk for 50p each yesterday, straight into the freezer, lovely jubbly :)

  2. Hello- I'm new to your blog and am enjoying reading your thoughts on the frugal life.
    But I'm dying to know, what is Mr Brains faggotts ?
    (I'm from the U.S.)

    1. Hello Thanks so much for visiting!
      Faggots are a typically British dish made from meat off cuts and offal minced and combined into balls with herbs and bread crumbs(a little like haggis) it is then baked in a thick gravy. Whilst you can make it yourself I buy them frozen and the brand name is Mr Brains (not made from brains!)
      They are so delicious.


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