Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Green Fingered.

Hello Folks

Sorry for the radio silence. Some stuff has been going on and it has taken a bit of my time. Cannot say more than that for the time being, but all is well and I am back!

I had such a great long bank holiday weekend. The weather was stunning, so I got all the washing done in one day and hanging out to dry.

But I did spend one whole day gardening. A few weeks ago I planted some seeds in the hope I could grow my own vegetables over the summer.

I have had some success. Look at my four bags of potatoes. It looks like a mini rain forest. I planted the bags only half full, when I started and have been topping it up every couple of weeks over the bottom leaves to encourage more spuds to grow.

My onions are coming along nicely too. In these troughs are red onions and spring onions. Unfortunately in the rain this morning some seeds came down too, so it makes the onions tricky to see on the photo.

There are also fine green bean plants

You can just see my tomato plants coming too in the grow bag.

I also have 7 lettuces coming through I bought as half dead plugs from Aldi reduced to 50p. A bit of tlc and they are coming on a treat. There were 8 but one has met his maker..
At the very bottom in the above photo in the square plant pot is a chilli plant I was given. It is coming along a treat which is great considering the seeds I grew failed to do anything!

With the amount I have spent on compost, planters and plants I better be able to feed Staffordshire, otherwise this has not been a frugal undertaking. It has however been so much fun!!

The last lot of compost I bought was recommended to me by a guy at my local gardening centre. More expensive at £6 per bag, but buy 2 get 1 free. Then he only wanted 2 bags so he gave me his free bag. Brilliant! When I got it home I i noticed it was recommended by Which.
The Chap and I then used the last bit of cash on his birthday voucher towards a trip to the cinema to Star Trek. We have been trying to find time to go for 3 weeks, so were so very excited!! So many nods to the original films and some in jokes too for the fans. But a gripping yarn and Benedict Cumberbatch stole the show!!

Our latest news is the kitchen is 92% finished. I have hot water again in the kitchen and there are only 2 floor tiles to lay by the door and a hole in the wall post flooding to repair. A bit of painting, and a jolly good clean, plus fixing the freezer door to the covering panel and the dish washer to it's panel and there its done. I am loathed to show you a picture until it is complete! So watch this space. Another 2-3 weekends and I hope it will be finished!

Frugally yours

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