Saturday, 4 May 2013

Abigail's Shattered


Abigail's pretty tired this evening.

So we thought we would take over tonight and show you what she bought us today.

Two beautiful collars. We have not had necklaces before, but as now we are very nearly grown up. Abigail went out today and celebrated by buying us these.

Pink for me! (Twinkle) and Red for me (Belle).

We even got name tags with a telephone number on in case we get lost.

She let me (Twinkle) even go outside for a bit. She wouldn't let me (Belle) as apparently I am "untrustworthy". Pah!

Anyway, don't we look so smart and grown up?

Twinkle & Belle.


  1. Very pretty puddy cats, who are obviously very smart!


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