Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cutting The Shopping Bill.

If you are looking at cutting back, one of the first places to look at is your monthly shopping bill. I do not advocate living on bread and water for a month. But a shopping trip can cost dramatically less by buying unbranded or own branded products. Aldi and Lidl are great for reducing the budget, but I do find I cannot do a full shop in there. Life is too short to visit 2 supermarkets per week, so I do 1 big shop per month in both then, top up in with vegetables.

Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise. Squeezy bottle 430ml £2.49
Tesco Own Brand Top Down Mayo 480ml £1.00
That is a saving of nearly 60%, plus an extra 50ml.
Both are creamy, but the Hellman’s is a little more whisked egg white consistency.

Heinz Tomato sauce, top down squeezy 460g £1.85
Tesco Tomato Ketchup, top down squeezy 460g 85p
Tesco Everyday Value, top down squeezy 590g… wait for it 18p

PG Tips Pyramid Bags, 160 £3.50 (2.18p / cup)
Tesco Original Bags, 160 £2.40 (1.5p / cup)

You can also stop buying expensive ragu sauces. 1 jar of Dolmio at £1.99. Instead buy two tins of chopped tomatoes at between 31p - 50p (buy the extra value they are fine) and add one small tin of tomato puree at 35p which will thicken in. A sprinkling of dried herbs and / or garlic bulb and the pasta sauce is done. Cost 97p.

Value pasta also tastes fine and the swop will not be noticed by family members. Nor will it be detected if you only add half the usual amount of mince to your spagetti bolognaise and top it up with porridge oats. Healthier too!

If you buy a lot of snacks then I would recommend PoundStretcher or Poundland. The Chap loves Wheat Crunchies which are normally £1.88 for a 6pk in Tesco but only 89p in Pound Stretcher. I have to walk past the shop every day to get to work.

Own brand washing detergents work just as well as their more expensive labelled neighbours too.
Persil Powder Non Bio 25 wash / 2.125Kg, £7!!
Tesco Powder Non Bio 25 wash / 2KG, £4

The list is endless to own brand alternative - spirits, biscuits, cereal, fish fingers, frozen veg, chips etc

However, if I can give just one piece of advice please do not buy own brand or cheap washing up liquid. Nothing beats fairy for value!

Frugally yours

P.S. Living with The Chap does amuse me. He came home from work late yesterday about 9.30pm as  I was cleaning the poop from the litter tray. He takes one look at me and states "I was going to kiss you, but now I am not as you are holding a bag of sh*t". He was right I was. So I popped the poop in the bin and washed my hands. Walked back into the lounge to finding him waiting for me puckered up!! :o)

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