Friday, 31 May 2013

Bag A Bargain

Being frugal means not spending more than you have to. So I am always deligted when I bag a bargain. Especially with clothes, as they are so expensive.

I know a lot of thrifty-ies who obtain most of their wardrobe via charity shops. I am never that lucky, when I go in everything looks like it has been used to clean the bath before being donated. I still have a wander around, but rarely find anything I want / need.

I have had a lot of success with Ebay and get a lot from Dorothy Perkins as they have fantastic pop up sales. This weekend for instance there is 30% off for 72 hours

3 weeks ago whilst in Lichfield, a new market stall appeared selling ex Marks and Spencers clothes. All brand new but with the labels cut out. I bought a georgous red wool coat from them 2 years ago for £15, but have never seen the stall since. So was delighted to see it again and made a bee line.

I bought this.

For £7!
Brand new and they gave me the hanger.

Best thing? It was a size 10 and it fit. I reckon it would cost £22 –25 retail.

Must have looked nice on, as I wore it a week later to visit my friend P (she introduced me to The Chap) and as I walked home a man stopped and asked me out for a drink. I am 37 years old, slightly porky and that made my day!!!

Frugally yours
P.S. No post yesterday as The Chap took me out to dinner to celebrate some good news. A proper restaurant with no vouchers and proper starched cloth napkins. Swanky!!! Cannot say anything just yet, but watch this space
P.P.S No, its nothing to do with babies!


  1. Abigail you're killing me with this news! It sounds like very happy news, can't wait til you tell.....soon please (lol) xx

    1. It might be a week or two. I am afraid - sorry!

  2. Loving the bargains! Glad I am not the only one who never sees anything suitable in the charity shops to wear some people are just lucky. The only item of clothing I have bought from a charity shop in the last few years was a bolero/shrug type thing to go with a party dress for a christmas night out. Some of the stuff you see on the hangers I just despair at I can not believe they try and sell washed out Primark gear at more than what it actually cost new. Glad you had a lovely time out at your swanky dinner :-) x

    1. yes - i think the recession is making more people watch the pennies and they are not donating "good" clothes but selling them on. Mind you I am currently wearing a black and white coast dress I picked up for £9 on ebay. So shouldn't complain!


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