Thursday, 2 May 2013

Shop Around

We need a new kettle. The Chap broke ours. I do not think it is particularly clever to continue using a kettle which leaves all over the base unit. I might not know much about physics, but I seem to recall that electricity and water are not good bed fellows.

You can buy a basic kettle for a fiver nowadays.
more details on Argos Value Range Cordless Kettle - White.
Photo Credit- Argos

But it is very basic.

I fancied something a little bit fancier, that would compliment our new kitchen, with a recognised name.
more details on Breville VKJ366 Still Hot Kettle - Black.
Photo Credit - Argos
I have settled on the Breville which I bought from Argos. It was £39.99 and had £2 off so I picked it up for £37.99 I have found it a little cheaper online, but with the delivery costs it would have been more expensive. I just wandered 100 yards from my office and picked it up at lunchtime.

I like the fact it changes colour as the water boils and the light stays red to indicate there is no need to reboil the kettle. I think that might be quite energy saving.

It is interesting to note that for £9.99 I could have bought an extended warranty (what a waste of money! but I did check and the normal warranty lasts for 12 months. So lets take the gamble. 

Frugally yours

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