Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Little Wins

Firstly, Hello and Welcome to my new follower Jackie! Thanks so much for visiting - x.

I wish I could save £100s of pounds every day. I wish my thriftyness would land me with money in the bank and huge amounts of savings.

It does not.

Life is a bit of a struggle and staying “on message” can sometimes seem a long hard slog.

So I do try and get pleasure out of every “little win”.

A little win, is when you have ensured you got the best possible deal with your purchase, or saved a few pence here or there.

Those wins cheer me up when times are hard and you want everything, everyone else seems to have. E.g. an ipad, a better car, money to really splurge at Christmas etc etc.
(I am sorry Dear Visitor, I am not able to pretend that I love being thrifty. I just have to be!)

A few recent “Little Wins”
·        I paid for The Chap’s entire stocking using only loyalty points
·        I paid no delivery on item ordered online
·        I only pay £5 per month on buying lunches and that is the 4cans of cola for a £1 I buy from Poundstretcher to drink with my home made food.
·        I will have reduced my energy bill this quarter by re-programming my central heating. Now it only comes on in the evening and not in the morning.
·        I ensured any presents I did buy were bought either in the cheapest place or the establishment that offered the best loyalty points.
·        I got The Chap to change to own brand cat food pouches. Belle and Twinkle still shove their heads into the bowl with all the anticipation of a Metal Head at a Slash concert. They still play, sleep and scratch the sofa. And so far neither has turned green. They are normally just under £1 per 12 pouches cheaper than Whiskers.
·        I always go for basic or everyday value alternatives to branded goods. The only notable exceptions to this rule is mince, rice krispies and Fairy washing up liquid. The basic minces I think are full of fat, basic rice krispies have the consistency of bullets and Cheap washing up liquid just does not froth up as much as Fairy so you use more of it.

When you are being thrifty and trying to live a financially stable life, then just take heart from these little wins.

Look after the pennies and then pounds look after themselves!

Frugally yours


  1. We have the basic/value products but like you have somethings that have to be branded eg tea (has to be Yorkshire) and for certain cereals (Mr K).

  2. There are only five or ten ways to save £100. There are hundreds of ways to save £1 and thousands to save 10p! It's not the 'big' things that save you the most money it's the hundreds of little ones! I agree with you, you need to embrace each little win.

  3. It all adds up so every penny counts. You got some great savings there!


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