Thursday, 13 December 2012


Feeling a bit fed up this evening which is a shame with Christmas approaching.

This unrelenting cold weather just drives me potty. I would rather be hungry than cold. Whether at work, home or in the car I can never seem to get warm. Only a hot bath helps.

At 11pm at night, the heating should have gone off an hour ago with me tucked up under a 12 tog duvet.

But I did not get home until late and after a quick bowl of tesco everyday value cornflakes, I am writing this sitting on my lounge floor hugging the radiator to get warm and dry my hair.

I am having a sneaky extra hour as tomorrow evening the heating will only be on very low to prevent freezing pipes. I stay with The Chap from Friday til Sunday.

Hopefully tomorrow it will be better as I understand temperatures are supposed to rise over the next few days.

This extreme feeling of cold bothers me greatly if I am honest.

Since a child I always have been the cold one. My hands and feet are always very cool to the touch.

My enduring memory of snowy days or swimming with friends was having a great time until my elder sister would shout

"Mummy! Quick! Abigail's lips are turning blue!"

Unfortunately as I suffered from a heart murmur, this phrase would send my parents into a major panic as if apocalypse was approaching! And I would be whisked in to drink hot tea and sit in front of the fire.

A lovely memory of family love, I agree but it seems that after 36 years not much has changed except now luckily my lips stay pink.

Ahhh well winter cannot last forever I suppose.

Frugally yours


  1. You say you stay with the chap from Friday to Sunday, did you not rent your flat out in the end?
    Im in a similar position, Ive just moved back into my parents house with my Mum following the death of my lovely Dad. It works all round as Mum has company and its much cheaper to live together than us run our own homes when we are always together anyway.
    Im thinking of renting my house out but still weighing up all the pros and cons and just wondered how you find renting your flat out.

    Love Amanda x

    1. Unfortunately my flat is still not rented out and unlikely to be before Christmas. I have now changed agent in the hope of budging it. So until it goes no change I am afraid.
      I think it is a great idea to move in with your mum. Mums and daughters get on so well and it means you both live much more cheaply. I bet she is delighted.
      The Chap has a flat he rents and my family own 6 flats which they also rent. Generally 11 months out or 12 there are no problems, but every year you do tend to find something goes wrong (washing machine breaks etc). As long as you make sure the gas safety etc is done and you are up to code then no problems. As long as you (or your agent) has credit checked ppl and you have confirmed work then should be no problem.
      One thing to note if you have a tennant who is not working and on income support and get housing benefits then in an ideal world this is best as you know you will always get your money. HOWEVER!!! if that tennant then brings in a partner to live with them, the government has the right to go into the bank account of the LANDLORD and take all the money they have paid over.
      Any reputable agent should explain this to you. You also have to decide whether to have your property managed (i.e. a monthly payment to the agent to chase payment and sort out any damage) or a one off fee to find and check the tennant and then you manage it monthly.
      Pros and cons to both choices.
      STOP PRESS, just had a call and someone wants my flat!!

    2. Thanks so much for that, I didnt know about some of that.

      Great news about your call about your flat! Super stuff!

      Love Amanda x


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