Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas, Day 5


Today, should have been a No Spend Day.

Should have been..... Famous last words.

I was up at 5.20am today to try and miss the traffic. I was out of the flat by 6.20 and on the road.

My reasoning was that today the traffic could be quite bad, as people left to visit family over the Christmas period.

I am not sure my idea was such a great success. Driving in the dark when the rain was lashing down is not fun.

A huge stretch of the M40 is unlit and at that time with the rain it was very unpleasant.

In this blogger's opinion a lot of the traffic was going much too fast considering the amount of surface water and visibility.

I was doing probably 60mph in the inside lane and being easily overtaken by other in fast executive cars doing 80 -90mph.

Just dangerous.

So, at 7.40am I stopped for a cup of tea and a croissant at Cherwell Valley service station. Nearly £5. But, by the time I was back on the road, the sun was up and I felt a lot happier driving in those conditions.

I arrived at 9.25 and and have spent the day playing with my nephew M. We have been to the park and played farms and decorated a chocolate reindeer with icing and sprinkles.

My sister goes to a lot of trouble over Christmas decorations and I thought you might be interested to see them.

Santa arrives tonight folks! Have a great evening!

Frugally yours

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