Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas, Day 4


Just a quickee.

Am ironing and packing like mad this evening as off down south for Christmas tomorrow.

I am planning on getting up at 5, quickly fill the car and off so I can arrive in time for breakfast and hopefully miss the traffic.

The Chap and I said our good byes this afternoon after I helped him with some chores. He is off to Scotland for Christmas to see his family. So we both plan to meet up Boxing Day.

My wonderful boyfriend washed my car, topped up the windscreen wash and checked the tyre pressure prior to me leaving today. I think that is the kindest thing a man has ever done for me.

We exchanged gifts last night and I like to think he was really pleased with the shirts I picked plus some T-shirts and a jumper. Mixture of high street stores and a couple from high end shops.

I had been saving for ages to get him them and got money off them all as everywhere had deals on when I went shopping.

The little stocking of goodies I did too went down well. Shaving gel, hair gel, tooth paste etc. All stuff that always gets used.

He was so very generous. And I had a new digital camera, as I have been complaining about how bad my shots are on my blog.

Considering he bought me the laptop so I could start blogging. Really I am delighted! My new camera is also wifi so I can email photos as soon as they are taken. It is so posh and I will tell you more once I get a proper chance to have a play.

He also got me a new alarm clock which my iPhone can dock in and so charge whilst I sleep. It also plays songs of my choosing from my iTunes library to wake up to. I am so tech-ed out nowadays.

We had dinner with his parents yesterday evening and it was so lovely. They gave me a stocking and some Chanel 5. My absolute favourite perfume. Recently well beyond my budget. My last bottle has been rationed since September. So I was thrilled.

What a lucky girl I am!

Until tomorrow kids.

Frugally yours
Abigail x

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  1. Sounds like you've been spoilt! Have a great Christmas!


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