Saturday, 14 September 2013

Warmth In Your Bones?

We have just comeback from our holiday just over a week staying at the inlaws villa in Murcia Spain.

The weather was glorious so much sun that I really felt my bones were being warmed. We did nothing whilst there.

We got up mid morning then sat outside until about seven at night before retreating inside to have a shower before walking down to the local restaurants.

Last year we did ten days and only ate out half of that time, this year we threw caution to the wind and ate out every night.

It's not cheap, and as we didn't want to pay for taxis (30 Euros returns trip) to the local town it was cheaper in the end to eat on the complex.

Considering the flights cost us £200 each back in January and the accommodation was free, it was an expense we felt was justified. We rarely eat out at home. 

I spent £200 whilst we were away. And I am fine with that. £400 in total for a week in the sun. You could go away for a weekend in the UK and it would cost a whole lot more without the weather.

So I have started saving, big time! I want to go long haul next year with The Chap. He is completely uninterested in planning it. So destination, dates and accommodation is all down to me.

I am also starting to plan ready for Christmas, as only three pay checks until Santa arrives.

I also have a big tax bill due on the flat I rent out, I need to be ready for.

The washing is done, the ironing completed so time to put the heat of the summer behind us and knuckle down for winter.

I don't know about you, but it is bloody freezing here. I don't like using the dryer so am planning the washing according to the weather forecast.

I cannot reduce the water bill by not washing but i can keep electricity usage to a minimum. 

The heating is not on here at South Fork, so I am writing this wearing a vest, shirt, jumper and hoodie . I am sure The Chap is raging with hormones at my pink fluffy and very thick socks. 

If you are sitting at home shivering like us, then I suggest some early nights under the covers with long chats about the state of the economy or Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. 

Better pop off, need to empty the washing machine so TC doesn't have to go to work in his under pants and socks rather than trousers and shirt.

Frugally yours

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